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Benefits of Journaling

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 6:58 pm
by maureen
Benefits of Journaling

I would like to jump into the the pool of journaling enthusiasts.

For many reasons....including that I find it is a great tool for becoming unstuck and for growing overall.

I find journaling opens a vast corridor between myself and God and my spirit friends (where I can spend much I want), as well as corridors to the past where I can connect to deeper emotions that have been bottled up but now find room...lots of be unearthed and explored with compassion on the pages of a journal.

Jesus and Mary have modeled and recommended this tool for years, but I have just begin to engage it more fully and it seems key to me to opening up possibilities that I do not find around me otherwise on earth (maybe because it is a physical act so it helps to ground things and make things less abstract in terms of working to become at-one with God here, in this world.

Even if I am far way from God, I can, through journaling, feel the truth of that distance and what I might do to move closer (and in the right direction) toward knowing, hearing and connecting with God more and more.

Journaling also removes any “need” to have any other person on earth listen to the details of my life in search of clarity or compassion or with the desire they receive/hear my emotional truths/experiences into their own space. With a journal, I can express myself fully without demanding anything from any other soul on earth or harming anyone (or being shut down either).

It also helps me to reach and pull dreams into this world and build bridges to unhealed emotions by seeing clearly where I am dwelling there in the sleep state so I can assess where I am stuck and have not yet faced childhood injuries still remaining in my soul. Recording my dreams also helps me begin to consider what is possible for me now in my current condition (and to feel about that) and what might be possible for me in the future if I allow God to help and to heal me and if I release the confusion and pain I am dwelling in there (as well as in my waking days). In the future, I hope to be living in beauty there in the sleep state as well as here on earth...and journaling about those experiences too...about those higher spheres...rather than the only hells I traverse now. Existing more fully now and bringing those experience into my awake state through writing...will help me to get into safer kinder worlds someday...sooner rather than later.

If anyone has not yet tried journaling, I highly recommend it!
It is truly loving...self loving. A genuinely kind act.

For inspiration, search youtube for “journaling” “self-therapy” “art journals”, etc.


Re: Benefits of Journaling

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 10:23 pm
by Samantha
I have also found Journaling to be a most effective way of reaching so many feelings that I cant reach when I am talking to God about how I feel. When I write, it all unfolds for me and is a beautiful revelation of hidden treasures. I always ask my guides and God to please help me reveal what it is I need to know to help me release an emotion and my journaling, which I have been doing for two years, has now opened up a place in me that enables me to grieve and cry which I couldn't do for a long time. Once I have wrote out all my feelings, constantly asking myself how does it make me feel, I read it back to God out loud, I now know I am not doing this alone all the time I long to God for the truth to be found in me.

Thank you for writing what you have Maureen, I know it is a great way of expressing feelings for myself and has been great to read of your experiences about the benefits of Journaling.

Re: Benefits of Journaling

Posted: Thu May 26, 2016 3:51 pm
by Amanda Stracey
Hi Maureen

Thank you very much for the nudge and sharing your own experience - its made me realise how much resistance I've got to being honest about what I'm really feeling and how afraid I am of allowing and ashamed about having what feels like very low, miserable or distressing feelings.



Re: Benefits of Journaling

Posted: Sat May 28, 2016 1:29 am
by julie_bennion
Several months ago, I was inspired to try writing down my prayers to God. I tried it out for about a week... but I wound up feeling embarrassed & uneasy in my attempts to communicate with God, using words; Plus, what I wrote was painful and in my unwillingness to feel the pain, I didn't stay with it. Recently, I read Maureen's experience with journaling and got inspired to try it again ~ thank you Maureen!

Firstly, I read through the prayers I had written all those months ago and was surprised to find it beneficial! Instead of sitting in judgement this time around, I felt the truth of what I had written, and my heart truly soften to it all.

So not only writing, but some time later reading it back to oneself is a great tool for seeing & feeling more, more truthfully.

With Love,