That Lightbulb Moment

Share your own methods, tips or handy tricks which have promoted growth
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That Lightbulb Moment

Post by Nicky » Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:31 pm

This category has been created with the aim of you being able to share your own tips, processes, resources and/or tools with the community. This would be stuff that you found key to your own progression and feel others may benefit from utilising too.

For example, It could be a reflective exercise of your own creation or simply an exercise or tool Jesus or Mary have recommended via their YouTube videos that you found really worked for you and would like to highlight the value of the exercise to everybody.

If you feel it has the potential to be of assistance to even one fellow member, there's no harm in sharing it and giving people the opportunity to check it out for themselves - remember we are a community looking to grow in love!


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