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Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 2:35 am
by Alex M
I use yoga every morning to connect to myself and often during the day if I feel I need to reconnect. I find it invaluable and feel that even though it is a natural love method, used with the right intention and prayer it can be an awesome tool. The combination of deep and long breathing coupled with movement, often brings up fear which is hidden just beneath the surface.

I used to teach yoga, but mostly used it to feel awesome with really intense sessions which produce endorphins and judged it once I began the DL path as many people use it currently in these addictive ways. However I now feel that using really simple, short routines are extremely helpful as well as routines designed to target certain emotions and problem physical areas.

I would like to be maybe run a workshop in the future, or even work with people personally and design specific programs for them. Even possibly uploading a video demonstrating a simple routine that people could use a home, if people desired it.


Posted: Sun Oct 25, 2015 12:46 am
by Grahamsutherland
I too have done a lot of yoga over the last four decades. I have come to realize it is best used for getting in touch with one's body and feelings and you dont need fancy or difficult poses to accomplish that. I have long felt that there is something wrong (addictive) with people's desire to only do yoga in a group as for me it is a very personal experience. There are also opportunities to feel emotions that may come up such as what may cause us to want to hurry to finish or to push the poses into pain or to not want to challenge our body physically. A video featuring simple instructions that include taking the time to feel the poses in a natural, easy and enjoyable way and that includes demos of a simple sequence of poses is all that is required to do yoga at home alone.
Doing yoga in the morning is like giving myself a present (being loving to myself). It is my ME time.
Yoga should be a very natural thing to do. Even dogs are doing it when they do the back arch stretch they do and when they shake themselves.


Posted: Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:09 am
by Anita
I do Yin Yoga with lots of props, feels nurturing to myself, when I can take time, really relax and do the poses as long as I want. I get inspired from videos on youtube, in mute, the teacher talks too much :) and i can pause and stay as long as I want. Maybe only do a few poses during one a session.

But still I feel like am pressing myself onto/into my body, since the suppleness isn't there to begin with.

I have done an exercise that I got from my Osteopath. To lie down on the back, knees bent 90 degrees and resting lower legs on a chair or a low table. Only a small padding for the head and using yoga mat or a blanket to lie down on. I stay in this pose for 1,5 hours most of the time. This is to get the psoas muscle to relax on its own accord. The psoas muscle, holds lots of tension, feaer, and it governs almost every other muscle in the body. So after a while in this position, it is painful, and may take time go get up to an hour in this position. I have had muscles reacting in my foot, even in my ear I felt a painful pulling once. At the moment I have gotten into left shoulder and a 'bad' muscle I've had for as long as I can remember between the spine and the shoulder. It is really interesting.

I got inspired by this woman, Liz Koch, and have read one of her books.


Posted: Sat Nov 07, 2015 2:42 pm
by LauraR
Thank you all for posting about Yoga. I come from a new age background and used to enjoy yoga - but haven't practiced it in quite sometime. Recently I have been having neck and back pain and issues swallowing. I've been in so much pain I cannot do regular exercise - just walking. I believe through massage and other body work - I loosed muscles enough to start doing easier exercise. I understand this pain is emotional as well - so I am also feeling emotions as Jesus explains.
Sometimes it is not easy to know what the right thing is to do. Just in the last couple of days I am understanding that we are very complex souls and in walking the Divine Love Path there isn't just "one thing to do". We have to understand addictions, facades, desires, God's love all at the same time. We can't take one aspect and expect results. So in working out my emotions through feeling addictions and such does not mean I can not exercise to correct and strengthen my body. I have been very rigid and am glad to have this new awareness.
Anyway, I thought maybe I shouldn't do yoga because I may be trying to escape my feelings and I did my best to work through that. I came to the conclusion that doing yoga is loving - thank you Graham for confirming that for me. I am taking the time to heal and strengthen the body. I have only done yoga four times in the last week and feel strength returning to me already. The CD I watch takes about blending with the universal consciousness - but I am learning not be judgmental and am happy the discipline exists.
Love to you all!


Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 3:07 pm
by Felicitas
Hi there
I just wanted to share, that as a former kundalini yoga teacher I haven't practiced any yoga for many months and I am finally releasing all my yoga and meditation books as I decided to not practice any yoga and mediation,not even simple poses or sequences like the sun salutations any longer.
I strongly feel that it doesn't support me being on the divine truth path, as yoga is a Hindu practice. It's an occult practice to yoke with shiva - a demonic spirit, and it manipulates the opening of chakras, esp. the 3 rd eye, so that spirits can attach themselves easier Into/onto the individual.
So I personally do not believe it is helpful at all, but rather harmful, as it could open me up to attract harmful spirit influences into my life. And it doesn't matter if it just a few yoga poses or a whole set, I do not feel it supports being on the divine truth path at all, as it is not just exercise or a relaxation practice, it's an occult practice. There are so many other forms of exercise out there. These days I am training in the gym or I am out in nature hicking, or do TRE- trauma release excersises, just by myself.


Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2016 2:22 pm
by Alex M
Hi Felicitas,

I shared many of your concerns when I began hearing Divine Truth too. I too threw out all of my yoga books and CD's and stopped all of the practices associated with yoga, and I agree that meditation in particular opens a person up to spirits even more.

But I feel that any spirit attachment is mainly caused by emotional addictions and unhealed injuries, not from simply stretching and breathing, which Is what I often do now, which helps me to connect to myself. The spirt attachments that I am dealing with are still with me, with or without this practice, and I need to work through emotionally, why I want them and what they give me.

I too taught yoga and like many "teachers" on various so called spiritual paths, I had and still struggle with and addiction to feeling good, which spirits gave me, as well as addictions to power through knowledge and to be idolised. Spirits were grooming me to become a guru, but they could only do this if I wanted it, which I did. It is these addictions that opened me up to spirit attachment, but with or without yoga, spirits will be attracted to persons who want their addictions fulfilled.

By the way, I prefer hiking, surfing, trail bike riding and tennis too. :D