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Effective written exercise to assist in blocks, false beliefs, question asking, and prayer

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:13 pm
by rizasukman
Dear all,

I am very eager to share a simple written exercise to find false or transparent beliefs, addictions, emotional blocks/layers, familiarising oneself with the process of speaking to God/guide/guardian/dead parent/etc, aiding in leading into prayer, etc.

1. Identify an issue, idea, problem, misunderstanding, topic you'd like to explore, etc. (example: I am have difficulty being comfortable driving a car, I want to understand my fear of taking action)

2. Find a quiet, safe, and uninterrupted space, comfortable and supported sitting position, pen, and paper.

3. At the top of the page write the following: "What belief or emotion might I have about ... (include your issue) ... ?

4. Sit back feeling your body and breathing, then notice what response to this question initially comes up in your mind. It will be like a voice responding in your head or yourself telling you what you think or believe.

5. Write it down as the #1 response on your list.

6. Then ask the following question, "How do you prove that belief is true?" This will have the benefit of analysing the truth of your response. Quite often it show that response is not fully Truth, a limiting belief, or a blocking emotion.

7. Repeat the process by reading step 3 to yourself in your mind and waiting for the response. Repeat as much as you want, until you feel you found an answer that is sufficient for the time being, or you feel you are going around in circles.

8. Be open and allow for meta-cognition or insights. You may figure out something seemingly unrelating and profound, that you weren't even expecting.

Possible outcomes:
- You may come to some very profound realisations, emotions, and experiences of speaking to yourself/God/or another person.
- Acknowledge how you truly feel about something.
- Some other just straightforward and beneficial truths to keep in mind. A lot of learning about what you are not.

I find that using the body and breath in conjunction with the mind is very beneficial. Also, take it with an attitude of ease without any pressure of an outcome, but more a genuine feeling of curiosity, eagerness to learn more about oneself or the Truth. Embrace your passion for learning!

If you feel light-headed or leaving your body, get up as often as you need to ground your feet into the floor and feel your weight and your body on the ground. Breathe while lifting your arms up in the air to stretch and open your lungs and diaphragm.

I have found this very useful in terms of self-research and self-discovery.