Working through a reoccurring a dream

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Working through a reoccurring a dream

Post by Amena » Tue Jan 19, 2016 1:40 pm

Hi Everyone,

I am not sure if I posted it in the right section or titled it right but I feel like this section of the forum is appropriate.

I've been desiring some change lately and I've been getting messages from myself in my sleep state about it as well as what might be actually experiences. A little background: I am in a gay relationship, I don't know if I am a gay soul or not but i do know I love my partner and right now I am content with that. However, I have been starting to have dreams involving men in sexual and emotional ways. I have never been with a man so I know I have some fear, doubt and anger thats behind all of this but i can't seem to get to it.

My question is, how do you harness the emotions you are feeling as you are waking up to help you release some of the fear, pain thats causing these dreams to occur? I really want to address this as its the main thing in my life thats coming to the surface and screaming at me to resolve.

thank you <3

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Re: Working through a reoccurring a dream

Post by julie_bennion » Thu Jan 21, 2016 3:09 am

Hello Amena,
I wonder if you have seen the recent feedback session with Mary & Jesus, related to Courtney Pool's questions around some of the same issues you are speaking of. Here's the link to Session 1: and Session 2:

I too currently looking & asking for help in my waking, sleep and dream states with questions about whether I'm gay or straight, so I super appreciate you bringing this up here. Thank you!

Right now I am becoming more aware that I probably won't be clear about this until, & unless, I release more of the addictions, anger fear & grief I have surrounding my femaleness :? , with injuries related to both mom & dad, older brothers and sisters, and a strictly patriarchal, anti-homosexual religious upbringing. So I am keen to follow any threads that lead to the center of this web!

In regards to your specific question, I would try 1. Lying still in bed after waking & breathing into your abdomen,2. Staying tuned to the feelings you are aware of, or feelings you can reconnect to, while recalling what you felt in your sleep or dream state, 3. Letting your body move, first voluntarily if that helps you get into the feelings you had in the night, and then allowing your body to organically move (and sound) as the fear or pain is felt. With both, fear & physical pain, I find making the sound of what I'm feeling helps me get into the core of it. With grief too, I find letting the sound & movement have its way, is key to feeling all the way into and through, as much as I can (as much as I am willing, which is sometimes more, sometimes less, these days).

I hope some of that is helpful. It's lovely to hear that you love your partner!!

:D , Julie

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