Assistance Group Money/Donation Dilemma

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Re: Assistance Group Money/Donation Dilemma

Post by Perry » Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:13 pm

Here are some great links regarding 'money' presented by Jesus and Mary. I will just post the one link, and then in the side bar you can you can see the other links relating to money. I've watched them before, and they are great, I'm actually in one of the talks receiving feedback from Jesus and Mary regarding money. These links were so helpful for me.

I actually went bankrupt 8 years ago, and so I have now learned in a major way to not spend money that I don't have. I also heard a saying which I like (from Anthony Robbins I think) in regards to giving specifically and it goes - 'If you can't give a little when you have a little, then you won't be able to give a lot when you have a lot' ... He said what's easier ' Giving a $1 if you have $10 or giving $1000 out of $10,000 ? ... I realised from this little saying that I had actually had shame and fear in only being able to give a little, but the truth is, if that's all you've got, then what more can you give? Of course, the next step is to work on the emotions of why you don't have abundance as a lot of the guys have mentioned already. However, I know from my experience, I never used to 'give a little' because I felt ashamed it wasn't very much. And so, to confront my fear of giving, I started to give a 'little'! Giving a little actually brought up lots of fear about 'not receiving' and 'lack of money'.

After giving 'a little' for a while, I was able to enjoy it, and came to enjoy giving a 'little' without fear - and then I decided to see if was able to give a 'little more' than I was used to... again I felt the fear , and so on and so forth. Eventually, I then started to experiment giving when I felt inspired and desired to give, initially lots of fear would come, but I gave anyway and felt the fear, but then I also felt the joy. And so now, giving has become much more enjoyable, in fact it feels awesome to give.

I realised I often had a heart of gratitude, but my fear of lack, would prevent me from parting with money or things. Now, I am much more comfortable in giving, I'm not totally perfect yet, still some fears, but I'm better than I used to be.

The other thing I realised when I gave a little if only I had little, was that the receiver could feel that I was being sincere in my offering, and they would be grateful for the gesture, even if it was a small amount. I know that when someone 'gives' me money, I'm blown away, no matter the amount, as I know they don't have to, they could have chosen not to, so it feels like such a gift. Obviously there is danger of being taken for granted, but you can normally feel that, and then act accordingly.

So I'd say don't be afraid of giving a little if you only have a little. And also, if someone is offering something for free / donation ,then they generally mean it, so take up the offer. And yes, if in the future, you happen to have a windfall of cash, you may then wish to send some money to those you have appreciated in the past. I also agree with Nicky's response to the suggestion that was made to you in regards to 'helping out' at the seminar in other ways if you don't have money. As Nicky said, this is just then a barter, and also, you will probably be helping Jesus and Mary out of guilt rather than love.

Anyway that's my two cents worth ;) ... I still have issues with money, so I am not certain that my advice is in harmony with Gods way, but I have experimented that way.

There is more I could say, but I think Jesus sums the topic up well in the links below ;)

(Money Link)

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Re: Assistance Group Money/Donation Dilemma

Post by maureen » Fri Apr 08, 2016 1:44 am

I'm finding too that it is great to start right where we are.

Based on this from Luke 16:10:

"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much."

This past year I've learned that if I start to donate a certain percentage of my income no matter how low it is (even a few dollars), and learn to begin to manage my money no matter how small what I have to work with seems, like working to not spend more than I am earning and to not choose to stay vague and disconnected from my finances and start to work more hours to earn more money to begin to get out of debt, and learn to care for and become responsible with things on the small scale that I am living on....then, I will be open to more abundance because I won't be so afraid of some of these issues.

This seems to work and make a lot of sense. I used to think "I'll learn about money when I have it"....but, I'm finding out that the vast majority of people who have money do so because they understand it and aren't afraid of it. They have faced things and have none of the fear I have....and that's why they have money.

It think its awesome that we can learn by just becoming more present inside our current circumstances.

For me, I live in a cottage in a small rural town and my rent is $300...and I make $10.05 an hour for work. And I just doubled my hours on my job so I could start to have more to work with. So, even on this small marginal scale (considered "poverty" in the US), I feel like God is totally offering me the way to completely face my fears about money and start to take more responsibility to love myself and others...and my environment (ie. appreciating much more the resources I do currently have).

I'm learning things in this tiny place that I will be able to apply even if I have millions of dollars in the future. And, so it's no longer a far off issue for me that I will face "someday when I have money"...but like a child who has a little bag of coins to work with, I'm seeing how starting to be more responsible (just buy focusing in on what is going on all around me right now) is opening doors where I'm learning new lessons from God....from how I can be SO much more appreciative of the beautiful life I have and my precious little home and all the nature here and every little thing from hot running water to a jar of mustard to being able to walk in the wilderness everyday and things like that. Plus I am really starting like my job and learn more and more there too rather than just seeing it as a way to get to some other better place.

These are all happening for me now just by entering more fully into my little world and asking God to help me grow through embracing more my currently circumstances.

I can feel too that if I learn about these things around money and material world on this small scale, it will be easy to "scale up" in the future if I need to and so, in that way, I'm glad I can learn these things first with "very little."


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Re: Assistance Group Money/Donation Dilemma

Post by Amanda Stracey » Fri Apr 08, 2016 9:11 am

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in the subject and being open. I've mentioned previously that I'm currently looking at carrying parent's burdens, feeling responsible for others and actually bearing others responsibilities and also not facing my own responsibilities. I suppose it's slightly different from some of the examples here. I've always felt the need to hang onto money, be very conscientious with money in case of some disaster coming or needing to bail someone else out and as a result have attracted situations where I have felt that I have had to bail other people out. For a long time I have actually paid my mum a monthly allowance to make sure she is ok financially or has something to fall back on. Even though I have a busy job especially at year end I got into the habit of hosting family over Xmas when they were either retired or not working and then feeling bad if I had not provided everything.

Just wanted to mention this for anyone with similar injuries.

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