Contribution Instructions & Theme Master List

What movie did you find useful to watch?
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Contribution Instructions & Theme Master List

Post by Mary » Tue Nov 03, 2015 8:55 pm

The following is a list of threads already created in this section in which you can list movies, documentaries and TV series that relate to specific themes.

The purpose of having specific threads relating to specific themes is to make it easier for people to find your movie or documentary suggestions.

I have listed the thread titles below. In the introductory post of each thread you will find a brief description giving examples of themes and emotional states that might be covered by movies listed in that thread. If you are posting to a thread don't feel limited by the description I have given below if you feel that the movie you watched highlights something else to do with the main thread title. However, please try to be logical in the way you contribute to movie recommendations in these categories.

If you have an idea for a new thread not listed already, please email sharing your suggestion. If it is not covered in one of the already created threads, it will be added to this master list and a new thread will also be created.

Relationship with God

Faith in God
God's Nature
Personal Relationship with God

God's Laws

Law of Repentance
Law of Forgiveness
Law of Compensation
Law of Attraction
Law of Cause & Effect
Law of Desire

Human Relationships

Soulmate Relationship
Childhood Sexual Abuse
Domestic Violence
Rape/ Sexual Assault
Sexual Relationships
Physical Attack/ Assualt/ Personal Crimes
Abuse Towards Women By Women
Abuse Towards Women By Men
Abuse Towards Men By Women
Abuse Towards Men By Men
Grief and Loss General
Death of a Child
Death of a Spouse/ Separation/ Divorce
Death/Separation from a Sibling
Relationships with Parents (general)
Relationship with Mother
Relationship with Father
Familial Emotional Damage & Injured Family Dynamics
Sibling Relationships
Domineering Father
Absent Father
Narcissistic Mother
Oppressive Mother
Oppressive Father
Loving Mother
Loving Father

Human Soul

Denial of Truth
Self Deception & Self Deceiving emotions
Guilt, Shame & Self Punishment
Experiencing the Hurt Self
Standing up For Truth/ Making Positive Change in the World
Following Passions & Desires
Experiencing the Real &/or 'Childlike' Self
Ethics & Morality
Taking Personal Responsibility
Power of the Soul
Free Will
Intellectual Dominance vs. Soul Based Learning & Understanding
Service & Compassion for Others
Personal Sin

Broader Issues

Politics, Corruption, Global Power
Ethics and the Environment
Lifestyle and Diet
War, Societal Oppression & Genocide
Bigotry and Discrimination (includes racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism)
Cultural Injuries & Emotions
Natural Disasters
Earth Changes/Cataclysms
Sexual Discrimination
Global/'Group Menality' & Sin

Spirit Life & Relationships

Life After Death
Earth Bound Spirits
Spirit World and Progression
Fear of Spirits

Children's Movies with Themes Relating to Any of the Above Categories

Special Notes About How These Categories Were Created:

I have made it so that most of the threads relate to specific issues or relationships - and not particular emotions relating to that issue.

This is because as a person works through a particular issue they may have a variety of emotions to work through in order to release all of the injury relating to the event or relationship.

Two people watching the same movie may have a different emotional response depending on where they are at in their progression on healing that issue. So it makes more sense and is a lot simpler to list issues as our threads rather than to list every emotional response a person may have to that one issue.

For example, when dealing with the issue of childhood sexual abuse a person may feel anger, shame, fear, grief, betrayal and also need to work through forgiveness, all at various times in their progression. So it makes more sense to list movies that simply relate to 'childhood sexual abuse' rather than, for example 'fear of childhood sexual abuse', 'shame about sexual abuse' etc.

In the Human Soul threads there are some that relate to specific emotions. I would encourage you to list movies in these threads that have characters that either demonstrate the feeling of that emotion or strong resistance that emotion throughout the course of the movie.

Also, obviously, a movie that is highly emotional for one person may have no emotional impact for another. This is due to the specific and unique injury set that each of us currently have.


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