Free Inspirational Movie Clips

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Free Inspirational Movie Clips

Post by Nicky » Thu Nov 12, 2015 11:06 pm

Hi guys

A site by the name of "WingClips" was brought to my attention recently.

You can visit this site by following the below link:

It is basically a library of inspirational movie clips/specific scenes in films that highlight a particular theme or topic for further reflection and feeling. It turns out that the way Mary has arranged the movie section here on the forum is similar to the way the topics have been organised on this external site, therefore the layout is pretty easy to grasp and follow.

There are absolutely tons of clips that you can have immediate "guest" viewing access (without needing to sign up) which could be a really useful tool in accessing some emotions depending on what area you are currently focusing your efforts on. The site is FREE and allows you to be able to stream clips for your own personal use whilst being connected to the internet.

It is important to make you aware that the site has been set up on Christianity based teachings therefore there are some religious themes that are not in harmony with Divine Truth teachings and therefore may not necessarily apply to you. It is just a case of filtering through the various themes and feeling which ones are most relevant to the teachings of Divine Truth and going from there.

Thanks to Amanda Stracey for coming across the site and bringing it to my attention as a potential additional tool that people may want to explore further to aid in their own personal growth.

NOTE: If you chose to sign up to WingClips, you are individually bound to the terms of use on their site. I'd recommend that if you sign up, you take a read of their terms.




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