Poem - Innocent Child (Sexual Abuse)

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Poem - Innocent Child (Sexual Abuse)

Post by Thalia » Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:02 am

This was the first poem I ever wrote, I feel it was in 1994 when I was 15. There's a lot about the poem lyric structure and technique that I am tempted to fix but I want to remain true to the original as my 15 yr old self wrote it.

An innocent child she was
Laughing, playing, doing the normal things a child does
She loved her family dearly
But she was only a baby and could not see clearly
She did not know right from wrong
And was never told what did and didn't belong
So she listened and obeyed
He was the predator and now she was his prey
To the outside she was a perfectly normal little girl
With not one worry in the world
But no one ever knew what lay deep down
If only they knew behind that smile lay a frown
She never really understood why though?
Why he wanted to do those things below
But she never did tell
It is what she kept locked in a cell
Only he knew the secret she held within
All the pain and heartache due to society's sins
No one ever did find out
And no one ever did look out
She carried on walking through life's new doors
But an innocent child she was no more

Written by Thalia Skopellos

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