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Angry Women Spirits

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:36 pm
by Diane Newby
I joke once in a while about being a "meat puppet" but the influence of spirits in my life is very real. The most obvious to me at this time would have to be some angry women spirits. I can't see it right away when it happens but when I look back I would describe it as a dark veil that comes over me and everything my mate does is annoying. For him the experience is that I am just a big ball of anger and to not approach me about anything. I feel very sad about this and now that I know what's going on the length of the time I'm influenced is shortening. I used to be in that dark place for weeks then days and now with the tools at hand, punching bag and screaming/crying pillow, it hasn't happened in many months. Along with forgiveness for my father and repentance to all men it's my intention to be more loving to all. Thanks.