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Practical Tips for Staying Connected to Your Spirit Guides & Guardians:

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2015 7:54 pm
by Anita
I don't know who had the kindness to write it down from this seminar, so thank you!
It has helped and inspired me to stay connected to myself.

Practical Tips for Staying Connected to Your Spirit Guides & Guardians:
From youtube 2012-02-11. Spirit relationship – Connecting with your spirit friends

1. Stay Hydrated
Drink plenty of plain (non-carbonated, non-flavored) water, at least three liters a day.

2. Get Connected with Your Body and its Feelings
Feel your emotions and where they are stored in the body. We are close to you but can’t communicate with you as well when you are ‘in your head’ (dominated by your intellect) or more attuned to the feelings of others.

We recommend daily gentle exercise – heavy exertion can detune you as much as inactivity. Focus on movement while you stay connected to your breathe and physical sensations.

Also, take time each day to be still while you tune into your breath, your feelings and the sensations in your body.

We communicate with your spirit body and not always with words or thoughts – the more hydrated you are, the more in connection with your physical body’s sensations you are, the more sensitive you will become to your spirit body’s feelings.

3. Eat mainly live, light food. Avoid stuffing yourself with starch and carbohydrates. These things dull your senses and encourage numbness. The more in touch with your feelings you are the more complete the message we will be able to give you will be.

4. Foster imagination and creativity in your life, in whatever way you are drawn to. We can communicate inspiration to you better when you are open to new possibilities and ideas. Any type of creative pursuit encourages these qualities.

5. Take action in your life in your passion and desires. We can give you clear and often immediate feedback when you are engaging your passions and desires in a certain direction. When you constantly sit in indecision or inaction and intellectually ponder issues we find it difficult to give clear guidance. Beware of trying to ‘figure everything out’, rather than being humble to the fact that you won’t have everything right immediately and no amount of intellectual pondering or planning will change that. We exist to lovingly guide you towards what is good, loving and true and for those who desire it, we would guide you to God.

6. Feel yourself rather than the feelings of others. Beware of addictions and abdicating your will. Make time for prayer, quiet and feelings. Don’t fill every space in your day with noise and activity. Spend time away from the computer, TV, phone and music. Be in nature, be creative, and focus on feeling yourself and longing for God. Too often you are engaged with the feelings of others and pre-occupied with pleasing them.

Our focus is on your best welfare and growth; many of you do not share our focus! So this impedes our communication. By disengaging from pleasing others and beginning to make growth your priority, we will find guiding you so much easier.

7. Regard us as friends, not as far-off, impersonal beings. Each of you is a unique individual with specific interests, talents and passions. We too are all individuals. We have been allocated to you because we share common passions and personality traits with you. You may come to view us as friends for this is how we feel for you. We have much love and regard for you. We care deeply for your welfare but do not feel ourselves to be your superiors merely as your friends with and interest in your safety and well-being. When you regard us as lofty, dispassionate and without a life and personality of our own, you distance yourselves from us.

While it is true that many of us are now completely free from error, we have each lived a life on earth and we understand the trials and difficulties you face in your growth towards your true self and towards God. When you regard us as ‘pure’, you often feel we have always been chaste and uncorrupted. Many of you have the feeling or belief that we cannot directly relate to your experience or understand you. We wish to tell you that we do, many times we are more aware of exactly what you face than you are, and usually we have faced similar things during our own life on earth. This is why we have become your guide.

Please feel that you can get to know us – as your dear friends – this will help us to be in better rapport.

With much love to each dear friend assembled,

Your spirit guides and guardians.

Re: Practical Tips for Staying Connected to Your Spirit Guides & Guardians:

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 10:16 am
by Max
Thanks Anita,

It's always good to remind myself of the things I need to do to connect with the my guides. They are the people who do so much to help us grow. They're important points to remember and follow. Thanks again for posting it here.



Re: Practical Tips for Staying Connected to Your Spirit Guides & Guardians:

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:27 am
by Nicky
Hi Anita

Thanks for your post - awesome info for everyone!


Re: Practical Tips for Staying Connected to Your Spirit Guides & Guardians:

Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2015 12:41 pm
by julie_bennion
Ah, here it is! I remembered seeing this post from Anita, but wasn't sure where to find it again... went looking in the Spiritual Realm category, no luck, then eventually found it here. Just thinking, Nicky, would you consider reposting this Practical Tips list in that category, that realm? ;)

Re: Practical Tips for Staying Connected to Your Spirit Guides & Guardians:

Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2015 1:01 pm
by Nicky
Hi Julie

I agree with your comment and feel it is probably more appropriate to move this thread to the spiritual realm forum category area.