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Re: Talking to Influencing spirits?

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 5:54 am
by Cari M
An added note, I am also going to feel about this thing I tried as well. This could just be another distraction too, so that my whole focus isn't just on me and what I need to do. This is a good possibility as well as I have been feeling discouraged about how I keep slowing down my progression.

Re: Talking to Influencing spirits?

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 6:17 am
by maureen
Hi Cari.,

Just a few quick case they will help make what I was saying a little clearer.

you say
I absolutely do mean it when I tell these spirits that I love them
Even when we have love for others, if we are actually wanting something from them in a given exchange, (as you said you did in wanting them to accept and support you in that example) then regardless of what you are saying to them with your words about loving them, they will feel a demand coming from your soul toward them that they give you something...which is not an act of love toward them.

Also you mentioned
But I do not want to use my love for them to my own personal advantage, so thank you for bringing that to my attention as well.

I don't feel like you are using your love for them to your own personal advantage. I feel more like you have emotions of your own that are driving some of your engagements with them. And that is all I was pointing you toward. As I do feel like that will help you in this area where you are feeling confusion about your interactions and desires to interact with spirits who are engaged with you around your injuries. As well as help you to demystify some of what seems to be holding up your progression at the moment.

Sorry about posting the details about what I am discovering there when I do this thing I was pointing toward as I may have just muddied the conversation rather than bring more clarity to it. I hoped that by showing you the extent of what can be motivating us that we don't see, it would make things make more sense, but it may not have.

What I was pointing to is that you think your motives are pure and innocent and loving but I feel there are injuries motivating you in this particular desire to involve others (spirits) in your own healing. This is evident in your exchanges with them. And, whenever we are wanting things like approval or support, we often can be manipulating others to give us these things and believing we are being loving or sincere or purely motivated and it takes a use of our will to look there in that direction (toward our own soul condition) to see the truth if this is the case. Whenever I am wanting approval or support as (you did in that interaction with those spirits), I can see there is some injury and false belief still in my soul that is evidenced by that unloving movement from me to them. Usually beliefs around me facing injuries and the impact on others or their emotions about it, etc.

That's basically all I am pointing you toward. I find it is really fruitful for me when I am willing go there myself. I learn a lot about what is going on inside of me that is driving my unloving behavior. But, if you don't believe there is anything unloving in wanting approval or support from those injured children then it won't make sense to look deeper at your motives. Because you believe they are already pure and loving.

I find there are many times that I have a lot of things all tied up in a big ball when it comes to feeling my right to just face and heal the things from my past. And that these feelings/error based beliefs about my right to heal end up entering into many exchanges with others and it is taking effort on my part to look there, underneath my exchanges, to see what is driving them (on my end). Especially if I want anything at all from the other people involved regarding their feelings about my potential progress.

Hope that helps.


Re: Talking to Influencing spirits?

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 1:00 pm
by Cari M
Good morning, Maureen!

Yes what you added does help. I will try to print this out so I can continue to review and consider what all was discussed here.

Thank you again!

Warm Regards,


Re: Talking to Influencing spirits?

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:32 pm
by Cari M
I want to say that feel I totally warranted everything that Lena said to me addressing my behavior towards you and I feel that it is all true. I did print out my conversation with you as I said I would and was going through it and feeling about my interaction with you even before she had posted this for me. After I went back and read what you shared again it is absolutely relevant, truthful, and was directly in line with the initial question that I had asked. I am glad that I received her feedback before I drafted a response to you. While I was able to feel how your guidance will help me and that I was unloving, I had no idea to the level of unloving that I was. I did not accurately assess the depth and how right out blatant my behavior was. I couldn’t identify what my own addiction and facade actually were and how I go about portraying these things. It was extremely loving of you to take the time to respond to me on numerous occasions. I did not receive your gift, but rudely discarded it and threw it to the ground, because it was not meeting my addiction just as Lena said.

Maureen, I am very sorry for my unloving behavior towards you and I will continue to review all of the feedback threads that have been provided for me, so I can continue to feel about and process through them.

I admit I was triggered during our initial communication. I did not go into all of that in that thread as well, hence why I was speaking in the polite facade instead of just not continuing to correspond at that time. I didn’t know if not continuing to respond was unloving as well, so I kept responding and I didn’t consider what you said, but kept pressing into my initial thoughts and beliefs trying to get my own addictions met just as Lena said. I know now continuing at that time instead of feeling wasn’t the right thing to do because I just kept displaying unloving behavior towards you instead of feeling about why I was triggered, taking in the guidance that you provided, and truly appreciating the time and guidance that you provided to me. I shut down and just did not do that at all while we were communicating.

The guidance that Lena provided was very direct, specific, and absolutely got my attention as well. That was also extremely beneficial. It has added an entirely other eye opening level of opportunity for me to see what I personally actually look like in addiction and façade, in detail and how unloving that all is. I previously did not take the opportunity to experience viewing myself in this exact manner, to really see how I went about doing this and actually how wretched and unloving that I really am.

Also when Lena said that it is “unloving of you to expect somebody who was honest and has spent hours of time to share with you some truth to want them do extra work,” (which was in reference to me asking you to provide feedback about my not desiring to look toward your previous guidance), I had no idea that is what I was doing, no clue. It would’ve never dawned on me that asking you to explain that was unloving and asking you to do work. I just wouldn’t. I don’t think that would have ever connected in my brain as something unloving. There are so many things that I do that I have no idea are unloving, as you also shared with me and I am thankful for you bringing all of this to my attention as well. If I didn’t have the Divine Truth teaching, examples, and feedback that everyone involved has provided I may have never even been aware of what loving or unloving behavior is and I still have a lot to learn for all of that to sink into my understanding.

Maureen, you even continued to assist me without even knowing it. I found that you had a website and when I went there, I saw many valuable Divine Truth resources that you had shared. Which led me to yet another teaching that Jesus and Mary did about positively responding to spirit influence.

This also really addresses my addiction question that led to all of this guidance. The first thing that Jesus said at the beginning of this video is that basically all of this this stuff about spirits and emotions is NOT the main thing, but our relationship with God. We need to look at our intentions about why we focus time on these things more than God. What I realized is that I have been obsessed, running around in severe panic mode, confusion, and addiction for these last 6 months about these very 2 subjects (trying feeling emotions all of them all at once, but I was still actually avoiding getting into them as well by being concerned about spirit interaction and their influence, being afraid to trust the process itself), addicted to addressing them for my own selfish reasons and none of those reasons were focusing on my relationship with God. He also said that if I focused on my relationship with God that the rest of it would come. (I am kind of paraphrasing the context) That was another huge realization. This entire interaction, correction, guidance from everyone on this forum is extremely beneficial for me and I do appreciate it as it continues to open more doors for me. Both you and Lena also supported this exact thing to me as well with your guidance specifically suggesting that I focus on God and that relationship as well as feeling about my intentions for my communication with surrounding spirits, and so forth.

I have been listening to and aware of Divine Truth for a little over 6 months now. I have not had any interaction with anyone that is familiar with God’s Truth or anyone associated with it in this time, except for the brief interactions here where Nicky, Lena, you, and I believe a few others have provided me with valuable feedback. To be honest with you until probably last week, I did not even understand the concept of staying in my body in order to feel my emotions either. Intellectually I thought I did, but then I realized I did not when one of my massage therapy instructors actually started teaching us about it and how to do that. To be present with ourselves and others and how to recognize when we are not.

I understand that no one is required to share anything with me and that the Jesus, Mary, the administrators, and everyone that posts anything on this forum is of their own free will. This guidance is just the tip of the iceberg of things for me to consider and feel about. Thank you, Maureen, Lena, Nicky and everyone else that has provided me with feedback on this forum. You continue to bring to light my unloving behavior and Divine Truth to provide me with an opportunity to learn, grow, and change and for that I am very grateful.

Warmest Regards,

Re: Talking to Influencing spirits?

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 9:17 am
by Lena
Hi Cari,

I don't want to take you away from self reflecting.

However I must apologise about the feedback I have issued to you in the strike area, and so I felt I must write to you here and say that myself and other admins have received a feedback from Jesus and Mary regarding our recent strikes including yours, the actual feedback will be available at some point on the forum for everyone to hear, and it was about us being too harsh with people who do show sincerity in the way that they maybe triggered but they come back and re-engage more and are keen to know and ask and self reflect at some stage. Which i feel I did not accurately felt about you. You do show a lot of desire to find out about your emotions and it shows in the entire thread here, as you keep coming back and re-engaging. And as you have taken time to reflect about Maureen and yours exchange, even without my feedback, only shows again that you do have a desire and that it is fantastic.

I am not saying that you don't have emotions to work on which were highlighted for yourself in this exchange, but what I do want to say, that the feedback from jesus and Mary we have received, highlighted to the admins that it is very unfair to "punish" people who show sincerity and desire to learn and to know, instead of using strikes only to educate people (everyone) about the intentional unloving behaviour.

So there will be many changes happening from this feedback to ourselves and how we implement it on the forum as we take it on emotionally.

I will make a note in the strike area about the feedback I have given you. I just have to feel more about it, so I don't make more mistakes about your threads.

I am sorry if anything I have said affected your desire to express yourself freely on this forum, I hope that you continue to doing so and continue to engaging just as you have been and wanting to know more.