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Dead People

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 9:10 am
by Peter L-H
Hi All,

Something I've noticed is how we like to distance ourselves from dead people (spirits). I have noticed that people are often in "awe", dismissive or afraid when they find out that someone is able to see spirits or hear them (mediums). The sad thing is why we don't see spirits in the same light as ourselves?

There is a feeling that spirits are different to us, that we should treat them differently to how we treat our physical bodied brothers and sisters living on planet earth when they are in fact still our brothers and sisters. When we call them spirits rather than "Grandma Kathleen" or "Uncle Charles" suddenly they have 'super powers' rather than being people like us. One of the biggest differences between physical bodied people and spirit bodied people is that most of us can't physically see them or don't want to see them.

When we become aware of spirits they no longer have anonymity and those who desire to influence us negatively, no longer have free reign over our lives. It becomes personal and less manipulative. It also opens us up to a more personal relationship with those spirits who love and care for us and enables us to develop friendships with our Guides and Guardians.

I'm someone who has been terrified of dead people for are very long time. In my case on one side I have used them to so called "protect me" and on the other side I have been in "fear" of their imagined power. I say 'imagined power' not because they have no power but rather because of the "imaginary power" I have given them unnecessarily because of my "FEAR".

Some of the spirits that have spent large amounts of time 'protecting' me, in reality have just helped me to avoid my fear and grow a dependence upon them.

Every day I take fearful actions to avoid confrontation with spirits who desire to harm me and as a consequence of avoiding my fear I also avoid people who desire to help me in a loving way. What I have noticed now is that if I want to grow in love, then these fears with spirits will need to be confronted and emotionally felt.

I feel my starting point is to start feeling them rather than just listening to them or constantly avoiding them and my fears.

I'll keep you posted on the experiment


Re: Dead People

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:08 pm
by Courtney
Thanks for your sharing on this Pete, and I'd love to hear the updates on your experiments with it. My terror of spirits is something that I've refused to confront so far, and part of me wants to keep it this way because I'm one of those who, though obviously spirit influenced at times, never sees spirits, never hears them, and rarely has terrifying dreams. The (false) belief is things will get worse if I "open up that can of worms". So thanks for bringing this topic up!

Re: Dead People

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 8:58 pm
by Elvira
Hi Pete
nice to meet you here. I feel I really only started to get some understanding of spirit interactions when I started to think of people in spirit as the same as people with a body. I could start to see how I was being influenced by looking at my interactions with people I could see. For a while I thought spirits had more influence on me because I can't see them, I am wondering now though if for myself seeing people doesn't make that much difference. I've had a number of experiences where a part of me has felt something and responded to it while disconnecting myself from the feeling because I don't want to feel it, which I think has been the same as with spirits. I'm wondering now if I am really prepared to feel people I can see, I might have a better chance of feeling people I can't. I had a number of experiences this year where I have felt I need to start to feel who is around me and it really hasn't gone anywhere because I'm not sure how to go about it (probably because I don't want to face my fear of even wanting to know). Reading what you wrote it occurred to me that I could stop when I am hearing a voice in my head (my problem there is recognizing it isn't my own voice), breathe and see if I can get any sense of feeling the person. I'm looking forward to hearing how you go about it.

All my best Elvira

Re: Dead People

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 1:28 am
by Elvira
Pete, I am just wondering, you are really mediumistic and able to channel spirits; am I understanding correctly that you are able to channel when you open yourself to the experience and then other times your injuries mean that you cannot feel the spirits around you even if you thought that you wanted to?