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A couple of my old faithfuls

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2015 5:38 am
by Phoebe Bruce
Hi guys,

here's a few reliables that have helped me crack open to some deep feelings over the years, that often I can keep going back to over and over...

John Hiatt - Have a Little Faith in Me (I think he's actually singing about a woman but it is totally God singing to me in this song, and it came to me in a movie after praying for connection to God) What a This is actually the first time i've seen a live version and its beautiful. gosh this one gets me every time.

Damien Rice - Cold Water (sort of a feeling of being lost without God)

James Vincent McMorrow - Higher Love. (When I first heard this song I cried and cried an cried and played it over and over and over...i'd never heard the original version by Stevie Winwood and I find this one so much more powerful)

Ben Howard - to be alone (connects me to how lonely and alone i feel, and how its my creation)

Sia - Breath Me (relationship with God)

Alexi Murdoch - Something Beautiful (relationship with God and faith)

theres more but thats a good start!

Re: A couple of my old faithfuls

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:38 pm
by Phoebe Bruce
I just feel, after reading the feedback given by Lena to another forum user recently about the addictive nature of certain songs, and then reflecting on my own choice of songs to post on the forum, I need to make an amendment to my post. It feels untruthful and like i need to correct my statements.

I feel the song I posted, 'Have a Little faith', is written by a man to his partner, and I was thinking it was helping me to connect to my feelings for God but actually I just want a man to have those feelings towards me, due to my unhealed neediness to be 'loved'.

Also the song Breath Me, by Sia, cannot be helping me to connect to's definitely not about God, im not actually sure what it is about.

I'm wondering, Lena, (if you read this) is it possible for music with lyrics that aren't about God to connect you to your hurt, rather than facade self? For example the song i posted 'to be alone' by Ben Howard, i've cried a lot listening to it and feeling how alone I've created my life to be. But i'm totally open to the fact that that might just be wallowing around in the addiction!

I listen to music a lot and lately have definitely found that music actually written about/to God is much more powerful than trying to attribute other songs to my own feelings. I'm wondering Lena if you have a chance and its possible, would you be able to share some of the heavenly music that has helped you?