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Because You Loved Me (Effects of God's Love)

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 10:50 pm
by BrendaHoffman
By Celine Dion

I cry every time I sing this to God as a reflection of the Love and help I've received from God every time I've desired it.

For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I'll be forever thankful baby
You're the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You're the one who saw me through through it all

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'cause you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You said no star was out of reach
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all
I'm grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don't know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'cause you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

You were always there for me
The tender wind that carried me
A light in the dark shining your love into my life
You've been my inspiration
Through the lies you were the truth
My world is a better place because of you

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldn't reach
You gave me faith 'cause you believed
I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

I'm everything I am
Because you loved me

Re: Because You Loved Me (Effects of God's Love)

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:32 am
by Lena
Hello Brenda,

I find music a little tricky.
I want to explain why.
I feel like Celine's real emotion in this song is directed at her husband. These emotions feel very addictive in their nature. And so to me, they are likely to feed an addiction in women who want to be supported and to be looked after by men.
I feel it is hard for me to redirect my feelings, while listening to this song, towards God, as the emotion from a singer is very strong and I feel I will have better chance connecting to God without words in the music, especially when they are reflecting an error based balief.

I would recommend to you Brenda, if you feel like it of course, to investigate the true feelings you have resonating inside of you, what they are. As to my understanding it can very well be an agreement with an addiction in Celine that makes you be very emotional.

Overall I find that if music hasn't been originally aimed at God, sincerely angry or sincerely longing, or sincerely talking truth, there is a pretty slim chance to connect to God while having that kind of song experience.

Jesus often says that unless the music is heavenly, it's difficult to actually feel God while listening.

Which makes sense to me, because if music isn't reflecting my or somebody else's real personalised relationship with God or God's real nature, but most music reflect our error based beliefs and addictive longings and demands, then aren't we just projecting our own opinions of God, based on understanding of God we have in the lowest condition of love, which is probably not accurate for most people.
And in that state it is absolutely not possible to connect to God.

I just thought to share this with you and whoever may also read this post and the lyrics and to encourage to reflect more about the emotions that do come up while listening to a song especially with words, as it can become dangerously misleading or confusing.


Re: Because You Loved Me (Effects of God's Love)

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:09 am
by Phoebe Bruce
Thanks Lena that was really helpful!

Re: Because You Loved Me (Effects of God's Love)

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 9:19 pm
by BrendaHoffman
I'm not sure I can agree with this at the moment Lena because I feel that my take on the song is different than Celene's, but you might be right and I may not be seeing it clearly right now, so I'll take your thoughts and feelings into consideration.

I'd like to understand what you mean by heavenly music if you don't mind clarifying that for me. I was glad to find this category because I want to create a playlist which inspires growth in divine love. I'm going to check out songs on some of the lists posted here, since they look like they might be good ones. I'm looking for stuff that really opens the heart. I'm intrigued by what you mean by heavenly music. Could you point me to some good examples? I haven't had a chance to look at every post yet so I'm not sure if you've already provided them.

Thank you for the feedback!

Re: Because You Loved Me (Effects of God's Love)

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 9:53 pm
by Lena
Hi Brenda,

You are not feeling what I am saying due to your addiction to want this song or others songs to be what you want them to be.
Meaning that no truth can enter you heart right now due to your own desire to hold on to your truth.
In other words you are invested in having the music, as you state, to open your heart.

Music can not open your heart to God, it is your will that can and your sincerety.
And if there are blocks in a way, and you are not sincere or your will is not used to connect with God on a day to day basis without any tools or help of a music, then the music can not do that for you.

I have written a post about using tools which I feel would be helpful for you to read, here is a link for a full post: ... 1&start=10

Specifically this part is related:

However I would be very cautious to not get hang up on the techniques or tools as crutches. As that is all that they are.

And while we use a crutch, we will not be able to feel and experience the emotion to its fullest, as there is a reason why we needed a tool and our will is still working against engaging wholeheartedly without a tool.
Again, my strong feeling is that this song and another one you have posted recently comes very close to this one too, are very addictive songs streaming from an addiction a lot of women have and live in them, about having a man in their life, who can take away their worry and hardship.

I agree that parts of the lyrics, short sentence seperate from each other could be used in a prayer, however I don't feel the entire song can do that as the addictive emotion only compounds with each added paragraph.

I am worried that while you have such a addictive attitude towards music, that you would be even able to compile anything that is promoting a pure connection to God.

Brenda, I don't feel that at this stage you are open to investigating the truth about each song you pick. I feel like the approach you take at the moment, that if the song makes you emotional, then you see it as a sign that it can be used for emotional release-processing.
This is not the truth, often we share addictively in the emotion of the singer, and this is why we may feel emotions while listening to the song.
This is great if the song is stating truths and is a sincere song.

It is a useless experience, if when we cry, we cry over something that is addictive and is not truthful.

I would like to say that I don't believe that Got takes our worries away, gives quick fixes for troubles in our lives if we have created them.

God wants us to learn to take full responsibility for everything in our life.
God doesn't want anyone else in our life to take responsibility for ourselves, but ouselves.
This song to me, feels the opposite.


Re: Because You Loved Me (Effects of God's Love)

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:12 pm
by Lena
A warning is issued.

I feel I would like to use this as a warning and an educational example.

I would like to bring your attention Brenda that how you have responded to me first, was acting out your resistance. Instead of acknowledging that you are feelings resistive and not open to investigate anything I am suggesting.

You have actually dismissed anything I suggested and have not taken the time to thoroughly feel about it.

It is especially evident to me as you have disagreed with me, which is ok, but have not questioned anything I said in specific. It's a sign of dismissal of myself and my advise to investigate your intentions for wanting this music to be a prayer to God.
Instead of discussing this issue further, you have carried on and shared your plans for the music playlist.


Ps I feel the purpose of a warning here, is that it's a good tool to use in this case and on this subject. As I feel that if the same user, Brenda, shows the same amount of addiction and resistance on the subject of music, it will be noticed and reviewed more accurately by admin, that the user has already been addressed about it in the past, and is not interested in looking at her addictions.

Re: Because You Loved Me (Effects of God's Love)

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 6:12 pm
by BrendaHoffman
Lena, you are making a number of inaccurate assumptions and statements about my "addiction to music", my not responding more thoroughly and my approach to your feedback. I'd like the opportunity to present my perspective, which I'm not feeling at the moment is considered necessary.

1. My being addicted to music, in general, or needed as a tool in order to have a relationship with God, couldn't be more inaccurate. I listen to music so rarely that I could count the number of times I have done so in the past year on one hand. Feeling connected to God while listening to music is such a tiny part of my experience and not considered by me as necessary or important. The reason I asked about "Heavenly music" is because I wanted those rare times I feel like listening to music to be music that is more purely-intentioned than the ones I now have. I don't "need" any music at all. I just desire it every once in awhile.

2. There is a reason I didn't respond more thoroughly right away. I literally did not have time to. I'm a truck driver along with my husband. We team drive. I work 12 hour shifts where I'm always busy driving or fueling or using the restroom, eating, walking our dog, etc. when I'm not doing these things I have a very short window to use my phone to look at the Internet and or correspond with people before I take some time for prayer & feeling emotions before attempting to get a good night's sleep that is so crucial for this line of work. If I had more time to discuss at the moment I would have. What it would have perhaps been better for me to do was communicate more clearly my intention to discuss more when I had more time and after I'd had a chance to re-read your words and have a day or 2 to reflect. I have indeed been reflecting on your post ever since I read it. Right now I've got some additional time to come back and respond to your original response, but now I feel I've got to take even more time in order to respond to a whole new set of assumptions. We are on a mandatory break from driving right now, our truck is sitting for 24 hours, but I'm still challenged for time as I have a number of housekeeping items to do like laundry, groceries, shower, etc. so I'm attempting to address things fully now.

3. You say I have dismissed anything you have suggested and have not taken time to thoroughly feel about it. When in fact I said...

"I'm not sure I can agree with this at the moment Lena because I feel that my take on the song is different than Celene's, but you might be right and I may not be seeing it clearly right now, so I'll take your thoughts and feelings into consideration."

First, I said "I'm not sure I can agree" indicating that my mind was not set on how I felt at the moment.
Second, I said "but you may be right and I may not be seeing it clearly right now", another indicator that I have not dismissed what you've said.
Third, I said "I'll take your thoughts and feelings into consideration" which is exactly what I've been doing since I posted last. While driving I have lots of opportunity to reflect on things. I also am able to use that time in prayer and in feeling my emotions. I'll add that I rarely listen to music either while I'm driving, something that most truck drivers do to keep themselves entertained and distracted from feeling their emotions. If I listen to anything I listen to Divine Truth material while driving, which helps me to further identify my addictions, resistances, and harmful tendencies. They also help me to desire to connect to God more, and to actually do it, as well as to be more willing to feel my fears and griefs, which I've also been opening to. Yes, words we listen to can indeed open our hearts to God more. I've seen this discussed in DT videos a number of times, whether it's said to happen while reading Padgett messages, listening to music, or DT seminars. I've experienced this for myself many times so I know it's true. I don't feel it's reasonable to dismiss my experiences as addictions.

I've been looking for an opportunity to have enough time to re-read your comments again as well as the words to the song before making a response post to you about what I feel after my further investigation in the matter. That's what I've logged on here to do this morning but before I got to it I saw your response accusing me of doing what I haven't been doing and not doing what I have been doing.

If you are accurately feeling what is going on with me then how could you not feel how little I use music, and how much I've been reflecting on your post in addiction to my intention of fully reviewing and responding to it?

On top of that you are issuing some kind of warning as a learning experience. How can you issue a warning to me when you haven't acknowledged my consideration of your post, my taking time to reflect on it, and giving me very little time to come back and respond to it? How can you make so many judgments about my thoughts, feelings and addictions when you've given me so little opportunity to communicate on the matter?

You don't realize just how many addictions I've been discovering about myself and admitting to myself and to God. I won't have trouble admitting to more addictions either if I just have a little time to reflect and discover them. I don't feel it's reasonable to just take your word for it, much less immediately and without questioning. I don't know you very well and don't know if you can feel me well enough to make such assumptions about me. More so now that I see that a number of your latest assumptions are incorrect.

My response to you the other day was truthful. I couldn't just agree with you because it didn't seem true for me at the moment but I clearly commucated that I was open to being wrong and intended to reflect on it (take it into consideration).

I'm not sure now if I should go ahead and communicate what I feel after a couple days reflection because you've already made up your mind incorrectly about me and my intentions. I don't feel that you desire to hear the results of my reflections.

4. You've made an additional assumption about my not being capable of putting together a playlist that is not full of harmful addictions based on the 2 songs I've posted.

I feel that's an unfair assumption. You don't seem to know that I know those 2 songs were not created for the intention of connecting to God nor connecting in a pure manner to another human. I do realize that. I sometimes use ordinary songs and instead of feeling them as originally intended I transform them in my heart to a love song to or about God. I see you don't believe that that's possible, but I know it is. Something to consider is in the Padgett messages. I can't give an exact reference by memory, but I do remember either Helen or the grandmother speaking about how people can attend church and even though they "worship Jesus" God knows that it's their intention to connect lovingly to God. (Not all attendees, but those with a pure longing and intention). I feel that in the same way a person with pure intention can use a song originally meant for a human and intend it for pure, loving intentions toward God.

I realize there's a difference between feeling addictive and needy toward God to feeling a pure love connection with God. You indicate that you are certain that anything I feel for God in my own take on those lyrics is needy and addictive but I know that's not the case. I've experienced both types of feelings. From your posts I believe you are too quick to make assumptions and anything I say in disagreement is taken as restistance, that it's not possible you could be incorrect at all in your evaluation of me. Of course you are free to do so but I'd like to say that it doesn't feel like it's open, objective, or loving treatment of me. I enjoy getting feedback whether it's tough to look at or not, but it doesn't feel right to be summarily judged, dismissed and "warned."

What I wanted to say about requesting the heavenly music is that I was requesting it precisely because I knew the love songs I have are not pure in their creation and I'm looking for more purely-intentioned ones. So that on those occasions that I do desire to listen to music, I have more pure ones. Before you mentioned "heavenly music" I was just going to be content finding and converting (in my heart) additional worldly songs into love songs to and about God, as I see that some other posters in this thread have done.

I don't quite understand what is going on here with these responses, but it doesn't seem to me as if they are purely motivated. I was hoping for some real discussion, and as my original response said, I was open to the possibility that you were correct in your assessment and that I was going to consider it. I feel as if there's been no consideration given as to whether these assessments about me are accurate or not, they are so firmly asserted without the chance for further discussion, nor any induction of desiring further discussion. Yet I know for sure that at least a few of them are incorrect.

Re: Because You Loved Me (Effects of God's Love)

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:13 am
by Lena
Hi Brenda,

there are a few things I would like to highlight in your post:

I would like to highlight to you that you are not feeling or even aware of how much you are resistive to just investigate or reflect about your emotions as a result of my post.

It looks like that all you want to say to me is that I am wrong in making my suggestions and sharing with you my opinion and what I have learnt to be the truth on most occasions when it comes to music.

The fact is it is very rare for the music with lyrics to represent the truth or meaning that is in line with God's truths.

I did not have a desire or intention to make you feel hurt or to tell you off.
I have just shared with your what is my feeling and what I feel and see as an issue with the recommendations that you have made on the public forum for others to see.

When I have more time on my hands I will go through the rest of the recommendations in this section of the forum and have a look if any other songs that stand out to me as addictive or represent untruth etc..

I would like to also highlight to you the point that you are in fact making a public suggestion on the forum, reminder that this forum is about learning what is the actual truth on the issue is, rather than sharing personal truths and sticking to it no matter what or who says anything else.

I also do not feel you have thought it through very well while sharing. As your response is showing to me that you are not open to sincerely investigate if what you have shared is of help to others.

The admin of the forum currently wants to encourage everyone on the forum to ask yourself a question:
Will what I want to write benefit anyone else but myself. As this is what a loving thing to do.

If I was the one posting a song that I felt was connecting me to God, and somebody said to me that it didn't work for them, I would automatically question if my suggestion is going to be as helpful as I originally thought it may be if already the first person is telling me that it isn't working for them.
Responding with resistance or justifications, as you have done in both cases, is a sign that there is a resistance to feeling something else for yourself.

It is very unlikely I would engage in the actual or emotional argument with the person who says that the tool I am suggesting to them is not working for them.
And if I was working for the best of others, I surely would reconsider if what I am suggesting is actually of the value to them as I thought it may be.

It feels to me that you are wanting to tell me that I am wrong and I have got it all wrong.
While you completely entitled to have your opinion and keep it, I however don't feel that I have got it wrong Brenda.

Your latest response was written to me in hurt that I have misunderstood you. This is a common feeling we often feel when we want to defend our point of view rather than feel the real feelings we have come up.

It was not my intention to hurt you or to make you feel bad.

My only intention was to bring yours and other people's attention to investigate the feelings they are feeling when they feel emotional over a song, and to not automatically assume that the feelings one may have as a result of a song is a connection to your own true feelings or to God. And ask yourself some honest questions.

So for example: the song from Celine. One may feel emotional if they have a person like this in their life who satisfies their emotional needs and demands and basically in agreement with Celine; or one may feel emotional that they wish they had one but they don't, along with possible other feelings.
Brenda I would have liked to offer you some insights from this song and which parts I see as very addictive, but at this stage you are not asking for this and state that you want to keep your truth.

Hurt, anger, confusion desire to hold on to our own truth in other words to justify our stand etc...
I have issued you with a warning as I could already feel in your initial reply to me the lack of desire to feel anything, and a desire to just tell me that I got it all wrong.

Brenda, if you were to do this in your private life, by all means go ahead and use the tools and techniques you feel work for you.
I would only encourage you to sincerely seek answers and ask questions such as:

What am I truly feeling (voice it out loud) while I am listening to a song that makes me emotional.

I feel you have a lot of work to do with becoming very honest and sincere if you want to grow in love.

I am not a teacher Brenda, God is the greatest teacher, and we need to start want to hear God and reflect about what we are doing wrong in our life as those are the reasons why we are not at one with God yet.
A good place to start is to start noticing the law of attraction, people who are attracted into our lives and why and start to feel our soul more and own up to our true emotions.

Mary has recommended to place the following seminar as a sticky note in this section of the forum for people to read first before they post. I also think a set of guiding questions along with this seminar would be helpful too. I'll try to put it up soon.

Battle for Your Soul P1
Addictions with Music
1:11:33 Start
1:12:36 End


Re: Because You Loved Me (Effects of God's Love)

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:03 am
by BrendaHoffman
Lena, from the very start I said that you might be right about the song, even if I currently couldn't just take your word it. I told you I was going take what you said into consideration. And for the next 2 days I was doing just that. When I had some time again, I came back to look over your words, and the words of the song, again so I could refresh my mind about what was posted and make another reply. But before I did that I saw you made 2 more responses asserting that I had completely dismissed what you had said and saw it as a problem that I didn't respond more thoroughly from the beginning.

You summarily came to inaccurate conclusions about why I didn't respond more or sooner, about me being unwilling to consider your thoughts, and the idea that I rely on music as a crutch to connect to God.

Now you are asserting that I'm not open at all to truth or to my emotions.

One thing you say is true, and that is that I did feel angry and hurt by some of your words. I realized this was happening as I was typing and intellelectualized to myself that you are the cause of my angry feelings, but I couldn't seem to stop projecting my anger at you for making some false assumptions and issuing me a warning base on the same.

I've been thinking and feeling more about our exchange and about the songs I've posted. My angry feelings are not about the songs at all. Like I said, I rarely listen to music. I'm not addicted to or any of my old favorites that are on my playlist. If I never hear these songs again, it would be fine with me. Or any song for that matter. I don't use any tools when I pray to and/or connect with God, except I do watch or listen to DT videos to help me see where my addictions are, etc, and all the teachings of the DL path really.

Lately (past couple months) ive been going back and re-listening to earlier seminars. I've been finding that they are helping me understand my blocks, angers, fears and my tendencies to avoid feeling more deeply than I understood the first time around. It's as though I spent a year just learning the teachings and becoming aware of some aspects of my facade and how much I blame and project on others. This second year, especially recently I've been realizing I'm much more blocked than I thought. I've been making increasing efforts to be open to what lies beneath my anger. Although I have discovered many things over the past year-and-a-half, I find that my increased desire to look at my fear and grief has been bringing more of them to the surface.

I've realized these past couple days that my emotional response of my previous message was about my emotional injury of being wrongly accused. When I was a very young child my dad and older sister and brother used to accuse me frequently of doing things I didn't. In fact, my dad would strike me for doing something, and when I told him I didn't do it, he'd beat me again for lying about it.

I have not yet felt deeply about or released this emotional injury, but now that I'm aware of it I'm going to attempt to feel more about it. I've realized I still live in fear daily about this injury, for example, when I shop, even though I have no intention of stealing anything, I fear that a store employee may think I want to steal something, so I'm extra careful to keep my purchases open and easy to see so no one will have a reason to think wrongly that I'm trying to steal something. I now realize that I simply my need to feel my feelings about being wrongly accused rather than trying to defend myself or make my case.

I'd like to address the song issue however. I still don't believe it impossible to sings words with my own intention, I don't believe I have no choice but to take on the emotional state of the author/singer. I believe words are just words. Words aren't needy, what matters is the intention of the person using them. In addition, I recall an interview AJ did with Geoff Whitehead about living in truth. Geoff asked AJ if he uses swear words. AJ answered yes, saying just that...that words are just words. It's the intention behind them that matters.

After going back and reading the words to the song, I don't see anything inherently needy in them.

I feel that Engaging in a relationship with God does strengthen me, that God does help me see things I didn't previously see for myself, God does help me find the right words to speak, God does lift me up to new heights, that I am blessed because I am loved by God, that my world is a better place because of God, that God does see the best there is in me, that God does (with his laws) make me see the truth, God is my inspiration, God increases my faith, God is a light shining into the dark (of my emotional injuries and errors), God is always there for me, God does bring joy to my life, I am a better person when I have God's love, I'm indeed grateful for God's love and help, That I can do more as I grow in God's love than I'm capable of doing without it. Aren't these all aspects of the Divine Live Path?

I believe you when you say it's possible to use this song to represent needy feelings toward a man, but that is not how I've been using it. And I'm not attached to the song at all. If I'm not expressing my grateful feelings toward God in this song, then I'm doing it in prayer when God is helping me to feel my emotions, at least those ones I'm willing to feel at the moment.

Yet I'm still willing, as I stated in my original response to you, to keep my mind open to the possibility of you being right about how I use the words in this song. I just don't see it at the moment. You say it's not possible I'm right about this, that the only possibility is that I'm addicted to the song and refuse to admit it, but it doesn't seem likely to me. It's not like I'm unwilling to admit to addictions, I've done it many times already, I could probably list 100 or more off the top of my head.

I feel that perhaps you have a perspective on this song that's different than the one I have and are unwilling to admit that mine could be different. But that's fine. You can delete the songs I posted if you like, it doesn't matter to me. The only thing I took issue with is when you made incorrect assumptions about my response and the intention behind it. And now I know that it upset me because of my lifelong fear of being falsely accused.

I've been spending a great deal of time writing here. I can't keep doing this. I need to spend more time feeling. But I must say, this thread has definitely triggered some emotions in me, so it has helped. Thank you for that.

Re: Because You Loved Me (Effects of God's Love)

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:29 pm
by julie_bennion
Hello Brenda & Lena ~
I've been feeling about what's been shared here over the past week and am wanting to express my gratitude for it all, as I can see (I feel) where Lena is coming from, in pointing out how the emotions that are being expressed in the music we listen to does affect how we listen, what we feel, and of course, what inside of us attracts us to the particular songs we are 'so moved by'.
So for me, I now realize how much I am drawn to singers whose voices make me feel my longing for love, my longing for connection, longing for truth & joy & all-out surrender to love. But longing for these things ISN'T like experiencing them!! I see now, I have just become addicted to longing for them!, and somehow believing that I'm feeling those emotions, just by listening and singing along!

I feel like this song from Celine is quite a good example of how the lyrics & the quality & tone of the singer's voice lend to feeling these types of LONGING,DESIRE,NEED (even the gratitude for being loved feels kinda slippery...) and then I can falsely believe I am somehow closer to having what I want, just by feeling through the song and the singer, all these desires I have. Otherwise, I have been keeping them pretty well keep locked-up inside.

I was growing a list of songs to add to this category when I read through this conversation, so it's really helped me feel about the songs I chose, and what-all was, in the undercurrent, being expressed in the music. There are dozens of songs, for example, that are christian-based, where I have imagined God in the place of the singer's bowing praise & need of Jesus' mercy & salvation. But in getting honest about it, I can see now that none of this technique, if you will, is opening My soul to relating to God, personally. It seems like the song would have to be one I've written and am singing in order for it to be a sincere prayer, a true longing, from inside of me, to have this relationship with God.

It seems like this same conversation could be had around the movie section. I feel there's a strong tendency to watch movies, especially when there's popcorn!, without feeling through (instead of feeling through) whatever emotions the film is suggestive of.

Thanks for listening,