what happens when we die

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what happens when we die

Post by Pam » Wed Aug 26, 2015 4:45 am

I like the one on "What happens when we die"

it confirm what God has already said to me that hell isn't forever that all one has to do is cry out to him to save them from hell and he will.

I have been studying near death for the pasted five years now and the reason why I studied Near death is because I wanted to know what happens when we die and what heaven is like.

What I learned is heaven is just like earth but there is no sadness or curse there. It is a perfect place full of happiness.

Kids are allowed to be kids and play like kids here on earth. Kids go to school in heaven like they do here on earth. They learn things that kids here on earth don't learn. There are colleges there. People can still go to college if they want too.

There are roller coasters and amusement parks there. God sits in the center of the throne room so all his children can be close to Him.

Children can play underneath the water of life and breath the water and talk under water because you can't drown in heaven.

People can eat in heaven not to live but for enjoyment. There is never a bad hair day in heaven. There are beautiful mansions in heaven. Even floating mansions.

I learn all of this by reading people's NDES testimonies.

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