The Sleep State talks

Which seminars, FAQ, DT clip videos had a big impact on you?
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The Sleep State talks

Post by Maxine » Tue Sep 15, 2015 5:55 pm

The sleep state talk mostly impacted me because of Mary's incredibly brave "confession" about what she had been processing re her sleep state. When I watched it I suddenly had some memories of my own sexual activity in sleep state with spirits: some of it forced on me.

The amount of shame it triggered was huge and some grief. I have processed some and continue with this one even though I resist at times too. Mary's real life experiences and hearing and feeling how it had affected her and her soulmate really hit me. So huge gratitude.

There have never been such truthful teachers on the planet as this ( apart from the first century). I don't always want my own truth and Gods truth about myself ( bad and good) but Jesus and Mary's honesty and transparency keep nudging me to move forward. :)

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Re: The Sleep State talks

Post by Lena » Thu Oct 15, 2015 2:38 am

Hi Maxine,

I agree that the sleep state talk was very truthful and informative for me also.
I found that Mary's honest sharing, did in fact help me realise that it is VITAL to acknowledge what I am doing in my sleep state no matter how shameful or disturbing that may be. Not that all of it always is shameful for me, but there often experiences that are, which I have in my sleep state following some emotional experiences in my awake state.

Later I realised that it was essential that I came to terms with the truth about my emotions and actions in the sleep state as well as awake, before I could start working through the emotional reasons for the things I was doing.
I found that so far all of the things that I do in my sleep state, directly relate to what I deny to feel in my awake state.

So for example if I denied to feel rejection by my partner, or I denied to feel my hurt when ever my addiction to approval and acceptance by my partner isn't met, I than very likely will have experiences in my sleep state where I will choose to engage with a man who will give me approval and who will not reject me.

While I now feel a lot of my experiences are dream like, non the less, I think it makes no difference, as I feel what experience exposes is either the action itself or the potential of what I am prepared to do if one of my emotions are denied due to an addiction being not met.

I felt my facade fall away a bit once I have acknowledged that my choices in my dream or sleep state were very important to look at and to see as an essential information about my soul condition and emotional state.
As I may be telling myself that I do not choose to sexually project left and right in my awake state, and that I don't do certain harmful things, hence telling myself that perhaps there isn't any major problem to heal and look at, while in the mean time, I may have a huge issue of ethics and morality as well as some serious emotions and addictions to feel, and allowing myself to remember my dreams and their themes has helped me a bit with that.

While I used my examples sexual in nature, there is plenty of information in every dream or sleep state experience, exposing self worth, helplessness, betrayals, fears of attack or rape, tendencies to become violent and hurt others etcc etc.. I have found all of them had direct link to how I generally felt, my false beliefs and emotions happening during those times in my awake state either in my relationship, friendship family or work.

The sleep state talk can be found here: ... leep+state


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