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Understanding Shame as an effect of causal injury

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 12:03 am
by julie_bennion

In this session, Mary & Jesus respond to queries about emotions such as shame, as well as ~
~ blocks to feeling emotion
~ self-deceptive emotions
~ and how our acting on our addictions walls-off fear, which then blocks causal emotions.

In this session, this time, I could really feel into some more of the truth around my childhood, as well as feeling more into my rebellious, angry & fearful choices since then.

Hearing this session while feeling open & letting big feelings move through was really great! Being open made it possible to feel Thank You!! a hundred times over, and I love you so much!!,God, Jesus & Mary. It's awesome when feelings of love & gratitude naturally spring up. I feel some deepening faith in myself, as well as in Everything Divine, and this gives me hope!

I hope :D posting this session will benefit others!