a a general discussion with content on the whole range

Which seminars, FAQ, DT clip videos had a big impact on you?
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a a general discussion with content on the whole range

Post by julie_bennion » Thu Dec 31, 2015 6:54 pm


This General Discussion from Brisbane is Chock Full of a wide range of questions, with Jesus describing & explaining ~
~ God's creation of our souls to discover & explore thru incarnation into physical & spirit body forms
~ Amon & Aman's choice to be self-reliant
~ Exploration of human souls incarnating on other planets like our earth
~ Humans who lived on earth (before Amon & Aman) whom God created without souls
~ Spirits who created physical forms to procreate & gain power, again degrading the overall soul condition of people on earth
~ The shifting tide of gender inequality, with women first ruling over men, then men ruling over women... how the pendulum keeps swinging...

I felt this would be a great video to offer to friends on the path, and to newbies :) who are on the fence. One feeling & thought that came up over & over ~ "it's So obvious, Jesus knows this stuff!"
It's incredible to be hearing & learning it all, While feeling the truth Jesus is speaking, since I can feel (especially strong for me in this discussion) that he's simply saying what he knows to be true. True from God's pov.
(that's just my feeling, but it's a big one that keeps showing more room for growth... Just like our souls, always showing ~ there's more room!!, and still more room... always more room for growth! 8-) ) Yeah, that's really cool, and pretty much, I can't actually grasp it. Not yet.

The second part of this discussion is just as ripe, with more emphasis on people's personal experiences on the path, including ~
~ Where we get stuck
~ How fear stops us in our tracks
~ Why we might think we want to connect with God, but then don't feel it happening
~ What a true longing for our soulmate is... desiring to express love & truth... and what is not a true longing...


I feel these two make a great duet to visit, revisit, and to share with others.

Along the way, I hope others will find these jewels encouraging & helpful. All the best to everyone!

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