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Sin & Redemption (a Padgett Message)

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 2:15 am
by julie_bennion

Thankfully, I saw the link for this discussion with Jesus & Mary this morning; and while I have listened to this quite recently, I felt to listen again, sensing that it might help me to feel more fully about particular sins I have become more aware of. And as I sensed, It Did Help. I could really feel the yuck, the absolute unloving wrongness, and the damage I am doing to myself, while harming, manipulating, scheming it over &/or blaming others.

I'm so grateful for the help!!! I'm placing this link here for everyone since it's such a clear (relatively short :D ) concise reminder of what is actually, firstly necessary, in order for the reception of God's Love to flow and be an actual, for real experience in our souls.