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Law of Attraction

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:11 pm
by Hanaan
I am watching the law of attraction videos Jesus did in Sweden...and this one (below) had a powerful impact on me...

In particular, two points had a big impact on me. 1) Regarding children and reasons why parents attract the child's soul (half soul) into their lives (opportunity to grow in Love)...and the point Jesus makes towards the end on Feeling my/one's emotions. It has to do with a sincere desire and its as easy as wanting to have your hunger satisfied and going to get something to eat! wow. This for me is so powerful.
Have a sincere desire -> Give up trying -> and go towards what you want. I guess this goes along with giving up the thought/belief that it is difficult to feel my causal emotions.

I have been working on humility/being humble and I am so thankful (and happy) that my law of attraction made me watch this video.