Attributes of the loving man/woman

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Re: Attributes of the loving man/woman

Post by LauraR » Fri Jan 22, 2016 2:43 pm

Thank you Anna!
I feel very blessed that you have shared the letter and took the time to post it here. You are right, this does seem like advanced information. But if it is just basic information - think of how wonderful the advanced levels will be! My sense of desire for truth an exploration is happy :)
I am going to print this out and read and re-read - to reflect and feel.
Just in my first read, I feel like some of who I am is okay. I am a woman, but am extremely logical as well. Which it may sound funny, but my logic has confused me. No other women around me has exhibited this logic, so somehow I felt I was wrong. But understanding all emotions and attributes flow through both halves of the soul and are just flavored with masculine or feminine characteristics explains so much. A little piece of truth has entered me! Thank you Jesus!
Thank you Anna and Hasse!

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