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Fear vs Physical Laws

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2015 8:21 pm
by Niky
This question is related to getting past your fear, and I suppose it is one of my fears about getting past my fears, and it sounds kind of elementary or childish and maybe the answer is obvious, but I'm going to ask it anyway. Because it probably has been lingering somewhere in my mind for a while. Which i find difficult to explain or make sense of...

Say about fear of heights, I think it is a pretty realistic fear, you're not going to jump off of the Grand Canyon. Maybe because you then defy the law of gravity, you're breaking a physical law, so you reap the consequences. Or is it because you have the logic, you're not going to do it, not because you're afraid of the consequences, but because you're smart about it? or you wouldn't desire to? It would be considered suicide?

You wouldn't jump off of something very very high. Is that considered a fear?

I suppose in 6th or 7th sphere, you might be able to fly. By then you have no fear of height or death or anything, I suppose. So then your soul will develop abilities that defy them?

Re: Fear vs Physical Laws

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 12:56 pm
by Ivo
I guess fear is not necessary for you not to jump off a building. You just know the law of gravity and the consequences of breaking it..
You know that a hungry wild bear, for example, might want to attack you - so you don't go near one.. etc.
It's not the fear that has to prevent you from doing things. I guess it's the knowledge of the truth that does that.
God does not have any fear, so we also don't need to have any.

Re: Fear vs Physical Laws

Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2015 10:12 pm
by Marina Smargiannakis
Hi Niky,

I would think the two main differences between NOT doing something like your example are: not doing something because you're scared, or because you know in your heart, it isn't loving.

This is the only real difference I can see emotionally.

In terms of 'flying', I have had an experience of what would be called like an 'astral projection' in my sleep state, and I know I totally flew, and it was awesome, and I'm in the 1st sphere, hell-ish in fact, in many respects. Unfortunately, I do not know what happens in the higher spheres.

I think once we release whatever the emotion is under that fear (which is usually based on something way different than that fear), then the error would be gone, and so our desire...which is where the 'logic' place sets in.

If we can feel that if I do 'A', then 'B' will happen, and anything that would threaten to hurt us would be avoided, on a natural level. In the most loving way, it would just be naturally something you don't want to do. Physical laws also have a feedback system, and they seem to work immediately.

I will say though, that some people really want to jump off of a place that's really high, usually with a parachute though. I feel that those people are seeking for a thrill, which is a error-based belief.

Smoking cigarettes is a slow suicide, not as abrupt as jumping off of a high height, but still physical, and a self-harm move. Once we remove the reason why we'd want to do something, then the desire wouldn't exist. Or doing drugs. The difference between being shit-scared on what would happen if you did as opposed to not doing it because you know it would hurt you and you wouldn't want to do that.

That's my understanding.

Something I feel for myself, and perhaps you do as well Niky, based on your initial statement, is the fear of what lies on the other side, which is why we want to understand things intellectually first. Perhaps you feel you will become a very different person (in a negative way), without self-control, and not as much intelligence once you get past your fear. I think if we had more confidence in feeling our fears, we wouldn't hesitate to keep working through our stuff, as it changes us for the better, and doesn't harm us in any way.

Re: Fear vs Physical Laws

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 11:57 pm
by Niky
hmm, that makes sense. Thanks Marina and Ivo. My mind feels like it's in mud sometimes. But I think that clears things up.

Re: Fear vs Physical Laws

Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 2:54 am
by Alejandro CL
I myself think that if AJ says that a fully loving person does not feel fear, then fear at some point is not good for us.

I am not sure how this fear should work, but I feel that you should know that falling from a high place will end your life or put you in danger, however, know this it not fearing this, if your are loving to yourself you wouldn't jump and if you are fearful of being in a high place you wouldn't jump also. What is the difference then?

I guess that in the first example you don't have a fear of death or harm, however your are loving to yourself hence you don't jump. On the second example you have a fear of death or a fear of the pain of getting harmed, hence you don't jump and get away from high places to avoid your feelings of fear. Just like a baby doesn't have fear of getting hit while it is learning to walk/run, our fear indicates that there should be an emotion that we need to address, I think that a person without this emotion could be at the edge of a very high place without feeling fear.

I hope that this have helped you some how.

Alejandro CL.

Re: Fear vs Physical Laws

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 9:05 am
by Niky
yes. Thanks, Alejandro.