The Greatest Gift In All The Universe

The greatest gift and feeling in all the universe!
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The Greatest Gift In All The Universe

Post by Nicky » Tue Aug 04, 2015 9:07 pm

I guess one of, if not the biggest driving force in all people on the Divine Love path is to receive the gift of God's Love.

When it is received, the feelings of pure joy, bliss and peace last well into the next couple of days if a full emotional release has also occurred.

It is the one substance in the entire universe that we all actually crave (whether we know it or not) and when you think about it, all the other feelings we receive from others, particularly in addiction, pales in comparison.

It is the substance which allows us to understand God and transforms us into the being God created us to be - it is the single best emotion that can ever be felt!

What does God's Love mean to you?


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