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Divine Truth v Born-Againism?

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 11:50 am
by Jem
Firstly, I'm not sure I've posted this in the right section so apologies if I haven't. Secondly, I am slightly hesitant to bring up the actual subject matter and hope it's received in the spirit that it's meant. So here goes!

I would really appreciate some insight into this matter. I have a background that's quite chequered as regards to belief systems and a big part of that was being a born-again Christian, mainly from the years of 14 to about early 20's. As you know it's almost diametrically opposed to the Divine Truth which teaches we must strive to work through as many injuries as possible here on earth and are responsible for our own progression and condition rather than stating that Jesus paid the price of our sins on the cross and if we accept him as saviour we go to heaven.

Lately this issue has been playing on my mind. I've heard the testimonies of people who say that basically when they accepted Jesus as their saviour they became new overnight, meaning 'new' in very real, measurable ways, such as completely giving up alcohol or drugs after years of dependency or suddenly just not feeling drawn to indulge in certain types of destructive behaviours any more.

Some of these people may be exaggerating or even lying but I feel many of them are telling the truth.

So my question is how is this possible, what has actually happened? Are they just under a different spirit influence that than they were before?
Or is it the case that when God sees a sincere heart he actually does sometimes work a 'miracle' on a person?

Re: Divine Truth v Born-Againism?

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 2:15 pm
by Nicky
Hi Jem

There is a specific emotion coming from you that has driven this question and that is that you want yourself to be healed quick and easy without wanting to exercise a sincere, will-based desire to work through your emotions. This revolves around the area of taking personal responsibility for your own personal growth.

There are a number of blocks you will be required to feel through. Let yourself feel how much you want this "quick fix" and your other frustrations concerning the only true way to God as taught by Jesus & Mary. When you do, you will accept/realise that it will take some time & ironically you will feel more peace and encouragement in your heart about the whole process going forwards.

I've had these emotions myself so I know how important they are to work through.


Re: Divine Truth v Born-Againism?

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:02 pm
by Maxine
Hi Jem,

Just to say Nicky' comment has made me feel I need to feel through some of those emotions too. I would say this is a common set of emotions for all of those very fixed on the idea of Jesus as saviour and the crucifixion sacrifice story so it is good to be honest about what we feel with this.

I was a " born- again" Christian when I was 17 for about 2 years. I recently have been to a few churches again. Not to participate in all their beliefs, but just to connect with people who may have sincere desire for God and to help me grow more faith and discover more about God's attributes.

I have spoken to people with the same stories that you have relayed. There is absolutely spirit influence involved in these feelings: the spirits must benefit in some way to create this and be getting their addictions met as well as meeting the addictions of those that feel "born again." I had a very powerful experience when I was 17 and felt "new". However, this new feeling only continued while I obeyed the rules. When I started to ask a lot of questions ( I always do) I was politely told off. My own injuries started to creep back ( though I didn't understand that at the time). What I am saying is, my feeling is that the spirits who gave me that high did not maintain it when I started to question, instead I received very judgemental projections ( which I was very open to). Visiting church again recently I have felt a lot of the spirits in the church, including many people overcloaked. ( they call it the Holy Spirit, but that is not what it is). The people you have referred to may seem healed, but you can not really know if that is a permanent soul based change. It is very easy to be tricked by spirits via our injuries. I talk from my own experience. Being in a church again has actually convinced me even more that what Jesus and Mary teach is correct.

Feel into those emotions Nicky suggested, but you may want to watch some of the FAQs for Christians about why those teaching are incorrect and the harm they do. The Padgett messages are also really good for the explaining more about this.

I hope that helps.