Being Truly Sorry

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Being Truly Sorry

Post by Nicky » Wed Aug 05, 2015 8:30 pm

Repentance is a process many of us feel we can delay by saying to ourselves "It's ok, I've got plenty of time to repent for the damage I have caused to others in the past" yet forget that the law of compensation is still acting on our soul causing us further pain trying to remind us of the unloving actions we took in the past.

If we truly wanted to repent, we would acknowledge that the action we took to harm another was unloving. We would then allow ourselves to feel the deep grief associated with harming that person whilst also attempting to look even deeper within ourselves to find the cause of why we took the action initially in order to fix it. If the cause is found and grieved, the change will be permanent and we will never take the same action again in the future.

Further to this, as we direct our repentance towards God, we will feel the forgiveness/mercy coming back to us from our parent so that we will truly feel forgiven. This law supersedes the effects that the law of compensation had on us previously.

Once you go through the process once, you start to really understand how beautiful the law actually is whilst also learning so much more and strengthening your relationship with God.

In this category you can discuss anything repentance related.


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