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Repentance and regret?

Posted: Fri Dec 25, 2015 6:08 am
by Sandra
What is the difference between repentance and regret?

I don't feel that I've ever repented for anything, but I think that I've felt regret for things that I've done. I wonder what is the difference between the two, and where is regret when it comes to getting to the steps of repentance.

What can we do to work on becoming aware of our sins emotionally, and to take steps to become repentant for our sins? What are the steps?

Thank you

Re: Repentance and regret?

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:17 pm
by Maxine
Hi Sandra,

Jesus has given a number of talks on repentance, including some very recent ones in the 2015 Events list. I think he will talk about repentance much better than I.

For me, regret is a more surfaced based feeling and not always based in an actual event. For instance, I may regret not going to art school when I was young. I can not repent about this because I did nothing wrong, as such, just made a choice that I now wish was different. I may regret shouting at my son, but then shout at him again a few weeks later, so the regret was temporary and did not create a soul based change.

Repentance, however, I believe creates a soul-based change in us to the point where we don't ever want to do that particular act again. I have felt repentance for a termination of pregnancy I had years ago. I felt the emotions so deeply and still feel there is more to come. I did something that I knew at the time was wrong, but driven by fear went ahead anyway. I really feel/felt the sin in it. I have felt sincerely sorry for and to the souls ( I feel it was a twin soul, sadly) that I murdered.

So the soul based change is the clue, but please watch Jesus and Mary talking about it for much more accurate truth on this subject.

Also, I just wanted to ask what led you to call yourself 'spiritinfluenced'? We are all spirit influenced to one degree or another, so you are no different and also I feel it may be unloving to the spirits and maybe a bit blaming, therefore not taking personal responsibility for why you have attracted so much spirit influence? I have a huge amount of spirit influence and it helps me if I am honest about my co-dependence with them/ attraction... as I am currently attempting to do.

Anyway I hope the repentance info helps.

Maxine x

Re: Repentance and regret?

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 1:20 pm
by Max
Hi Sandra

I wanted to ask if you have asked God, sincerely from a heart based desire, to help you become aware of your sins emotionally? I'm quite sure that if you do, He will answer your prayer quite quickly. If you have and have not received a prompt answer then I believe you need to ask God a different question, which is: Why don't I want to become aware of my sins emotionally? If you have a sincere desire to know the truth then you will get your answer quite quickly.

With love