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Learning the Truth about God's Nature

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 2:46 am
by maureen
Hello everyone...I was reading this passage in "The Life Elysian" is a conversation between Aphraar (Fred) and his mother (Vaone) in his early days in the spirit world about God's nature:

“Did you imagine you could gauge His goodness by any possible earth conception? Listen to me, Aphraar, and let your experience bear evidence to what I say; the fallacies and misconceptions of the lower life concerning God and immortality are all based upon inverted arguments - men build their conceptions of Him upon themselves, rather than first learning to know something of Him and forming their ideas of man in accordance with Divine sonship.”

and I thought to myself:

“I'd love to hear from people on the path of ways they are working in their day to day lives to come to know God's true nature that help them to reach beyond the prevailing (and often false) beliefs on earth today that so many have accepted into their hearts (often unwillingly and unknowingly as children...myself included) how are you learning to "know something of Him?"

thanks! moti

The Life Elysian: ... lysian.pdf

Re: Learning the Truth about God's Nature

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 8:20 am
by victoria
For me one of the main ways I know that God is good is by looking and feeling her creation. Such beauty! Such variety! Such genius in the engineering! Only a most good and loving entity could have made this; from the macro to the micro, it is all utterly wonderful...and what more, it's all a gift to us!

Everything she has made is a gift to us, have you ever seen such wonderful gifts!!?

Nothing she created has ever been bad or evil or ugly. It is only humans through the exercise of our free will (one of most precious gifts) that we have created all that is ugly in this world.

So for me, just a glance outside my window or a short walk always reaffirms my faith that She is good and that She Loves us.

Re: Learning the Truth about God's Nature

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2015 8:35 am
by Amanda Stracey
Hi Moti

Not sure if you've seen this already but when I read it I remember feeling it demonstrates how we can learn about God by engaging our passions and by observing what has been created which I think is what you are asking.

Re: Learning the Truth about God's Nature

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 11:13 pm
by Jennifer Brownson
Hi Moti,
I think it was in the Australian Assistance group meetings, that Jesus was talking about God and he said that God is a "person" who loves you more than anyone, or something like that. Anyway it was the word "person", not 'entity' or 'being' that did something to me. I revisit that feeling in my prayers regularly, and I say the Truth to myself that God is a PERSON who loves me to no end. Of course I haven't grasped the idea that God is a person who is a combination of both Mother and Father, Masculine and Feminine, but still it was a special moment the way Jesus said that.

Re: Learning the Truth about God's Nature

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 6:51 am
by TristanM
Hey Moti,
I do love getting to know god creations and learning about god through his/her treatment of these creations, including myself. But I want more.

I grew up as a Jehovah's Witness until I was 18.The take on God while in that religious organization is very bible based. So the message is "god is love" but "fear god".
I remember being very confused at the stories in the bible that showed a god that to me could be very unloving in action.

When I started hearing Divine Truth the thing that stuck with me the most was that god wishes for a personal relationship with everyone he has created. I wanted to know what true relationship and love from god may be like, since I already knew the bible did not give a logical view of either.

The second thing that stuck with me was that I can take in god's divine love and I could feel doing so. Plus I cut off this divine love automatically when I decide to act or think or emote out of harmony with god's truth and love.

This means I can use this as a Dowsing Rod for learning god's nature.

I ask for Divine Love and get it: this means I am doing things in harmony with god's nature and therefore can learn more about god in this process.

I ask for Divine Love and fail to receive it: this means I am doing things out of harmony with god's nature and therefore also learn what god is not in this process.

This is how I can have "conversations" with god. All it takes is me being very humble and honest with myself about if I am receiving god's love of not.

The first step for me was to experiment and receive some of god's divine love to tell the difference between when i am connected to god and when I am not.

The next was to experiment with how I felt about the world and its laws while asking for Divine Love.

This took faith and logic, that if "god is loving" and "wants a relationship with me based on truth and love" then there must always be a way for me to connect with god and when I am not connecting to god fully I must be missing the mark in something, either in action, thought, deed or any combination of all three.

This has been invaluable so far and the basis for anytime I want to know more.

Hope this helps.


Re: Learning the Truth about God's Nature

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:11 am
by Anita
I do look at nature and find it very beautiful sometimes, but my feelings are different. I feel that there are way too many nasty insects out there just waiting to attack me :mrgreen: and a bitter and harsh climate. I feel that this world is bitter and harsh and that affects my feelings about nature. I think I would Love to live entirely in nature but I feel it is not possible due to my emotions. I have lots of fear regarding nature and God's Laws.

Re: Learning the Truth about God's Nature

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 4:31 pm
by maureen
thanks for all the great tips on this thread...I'm going to totally try them you guys! moti

Re: Learning the Truth about God's Nature

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 11:10 pm
by Grahamsutherland
The idea that taking notice of when we can receive divine love as being the indicator of whether we are in harmony with god is great, but one must first be receiving divine love at least occasionally for this to be useful. I am only sure of having received divine love once. I also remember being in the soul team when Luli had us filling out questionaires about how often we received divine love. It turned out that most people erroneously thought they were receiving divine love regularly. At the time AJ said he had recently gone for a year without receiving divine love.
Our capacity for deceiving ourselves with wishful thinking is astounding.
All i can say for sure about god is i do feel emotionally that there is something out there that cares greatly for me personally and creates a law of attraction that provides opportunities to grow in love. Unfortunately i miss most of these opportunities. However when i do manage to rise to the occasion i get a wonderful feeling in my heart.

Re: Learning the Truth about God's Nature

Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 2:01 am
by maureen
I found this letter from Jesus (written in 2005) about Receiving Divine Love helpful on the issue of how we can come to discern the inflow of God's love into our if it might have happened to us in the past and we did not recognize it and how we can grow in our abilities to sense when, how and why it is (or is not) occurring by day...more and more (or not). I am beginning to feel the truth of God's desire that we all would know his love, including being able to move into more awareness and a growing sensitivity of this most divine energy. It makes sense to me, personally, (and I am starting to experience this now) that he/she would have provided us here on earth with help to see the way forward when it comes to understanding/sensing/demystifying the inflow of this love. And that there would be doable, practical ways to proceed. Even if I don't yet "know" when I am in the presence of God's love, I find that I can pray for that connection from wherever I happen to be...and when I feel love again, proceed from there. And, as Tristan mentions above, if I work to make that connection more and more often (i.e. not just when I am overwhelmed or feeling I'm in over my head) that connection/relationship will grow stronger and can become a center that I move from more and more each day. And will come to trust more fully over time. I can feel that just my longing for truth about this, and working (stepping forward) with what I understand now (however little it may be), in good faith, along with a desire to receive God's love and truth on this helping me progress in the right direction.


Re: Learning the Truth about God's Nature

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:28 pm
by Patricia Sanders
Moti, thanks for posting the link to that letter by Jesus!

When I pray for God's Love I often feel just huge huge grief. Sometimes I feel truths about God or myself ... often in answer to my pleas to see why I'm not receiving the Love. Sometimes I feel love, and I used to wonder if that was Divine Love, but now I feel it's love from my guides or spirit friends, encouraging me to keep asking for love, and perhaps helping me work through my feelings about love by giving me theirs.

I do feel that I have received a little of God's Love (and Jesus told me he feels I have), but it must have been a long, long time ago. It's incredibly sad to feel so disconnected from God and so injured and fearful that I can't receive this Love now.

It's so sad and makes no sense ... Love is only good, Truth is only good, there's no bad that can come from it, nothing to fear, only joy and delight and freedom and serenity if we allow ourselves to surrender to all that God feels for us ... and yet we (I) keep resisting. Makes no sense at all.

A while back I had a dream where these young boys were running past me, and they were SO EXCITED because they'd heard there was new information about God to learn, and they were running as fast as they could to hear it. I was just standing there watching them go by. So I'm working on being more like those boys and feeling why they were so excited and happy and running as fast as they could!I think if we knew what we're missing, we would *drop* *everything* and GO!