What the TRUE God wants from us ?

What have you learnt about our ever-loving parent? We'd love to know!
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What the TRUE God wants from us ?

Post by manden » Sun Jan 03, 2016 5:39 pm

That follows logically out of his existence :

we must learn to live in real harmony with his creation .

The problem with that is :

we can only do that more than a little when we are able really to recognize his existence at his creation .

This corrupt and ill mankind could not do it till now ! (you can see it at this world)

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Re: What the TRUE God wants from us ?

Post by Eloisa » Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:04 pm

Hi Manfred,

I do not feel you have a sincere desire to engage openly on this forum which is demonstrated by your one liner introduction.

Your subsequent posts feel like you desire to impose your already strongly formed beliefs and opinions on others, rather than engaging with a sincere desire to discover or share more truth, or your experiments engaging Principles of Divine Truth.

I feel a demand and a lack of sincerity in your posts.

Also at the moment you are discussing things that actually breach the terms of use of this forum:

They are:

1. Posting content not in harmony with the teachings of Divine Truth

Full terms of use can be viewed here: http://www.divinetruthhub.com/wp-conten ... ument5.pdf

If you read the terms of use it is clearly explained.

You are welcome and free to engage as you desire about any subject and anything you desire to in other contexts, this forum is just not the place to do it which is clearly stated in the terms of use.

I will now lock your threads.




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