A New Approach...Understanding a GIFT From God's Perspective

What have you learnt about our ever-loving parent? We'd love to know!
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A New Approach...Understanding a GIFT From God's Perspective

Post by Nicky » Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:47 pm

Hi guys

A few days ago, I had an awesome opportunity to have a great chat with Jesus & Mary and one of the key areas that was discussed was the current strike system on the forum and the steps that can be taken to make the forum more in alignment with how God loves and attempts to teach us love based on a true understanding of what a GIFT is from God's perspective.

I have decided to experiment with the principles that Jesus shared in the way myself and the other moderators have previously been approaching issuing warnings and strikes to people who have demonstrated unloving behaviour (actions that breach the terms of use as defined clearly in the document) and to try out a new approach.

From now on, myself and the other moderators will not be providing the gift of feedback when a strike or warning is issued unless there is a sincere desire on the part of the individual to want to find out what the issue is within them and where they breached the terms of use. Until such a desire is expressed by the individual, we will simply be taking the necessary disciplinary action, create a brief thread in the STRIKES section of the forum outlining what we have done and leave it at that. As the whole forum is a gift, myself and the other moderators have the right from God's perspective to remove anybody with absolutely zero explanation. Even if an individual asks us privately why they were striked, it is a gift on our part to explain our reasons to them.

Only when somebody asks with sincerity in wanting to understand the issues, will generally be the time when we will be more then happy to share those reasons with them. As you are reading this, you may find yourself asking "well what does this sincere desire look like?" however, instead of me describing this for you, I would like to simply encourage you to go through your own reflections to determine the answer(s) to this question for yourselves.

The forum has been indirectly promoting the expectation in many people who feel they have the "right" to receive feedback when unloving behaviour has been observed, whether it involves them personally or another individual without taking personal responsibility and using their own will to determine WHY. If we reflect about how God attempts to educate us, he generally does not show us what our issues are unless we sincerely ask him to do so and to me, that makes a lot of sense! I have found that when a gift that I have been coming to expect has been taken away, it makes me appreciate it so much more in the future if it is re-bestowed (and one that I did not really appreciate in the first place).

The forum staff have been putting a lot of pressure on ourselves in wanting to provide a detailed explanation in the strike threads of why we have taken disciplinary action against an individual which has taken up a lot of our personal time meaning we have not had the energy or desire to create our own threads and posts in the other awesome areas of the forum that may be of benefit/inspiration to others. We have been seeing this as a duty of ourselves rather than a gift. Too much of our own time has been spent addressing the issues of love predominantly with people who do not have a sincere desire to grow in love rather than connecting to and expressing more of ourselves with those who are sincere. As you can imagine, this has felt quite heavy and cumbersome (negative effects) to ourselves and it was due to us not being in harmony with God's Laws regarding the true understanding of a gift.

There are a number of fear based issues within myself personally as to why I felt the need to have been doing this beforehand, which will most definitely be challenged during this new process, but one I am feeling excited to engage in and discovering more truth about. I am really looking forward to seeing how things progress going forwards and I am excited to measure the outcomes of the experiment!

Thanks for reading and also such a huge thank you must go to Jesus for being really patient and generous with his time in helping me understand these really important lessons! I hope by sharing this stuff here, you guys can learn through this at the same time.


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Re: A New Approach...Understanding a GIFT From God's Perspective

Post by Alejandro CL » Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:17 am

Hi Nicky,

A few months ago, I was wondering myself, how could you be able to manage the increase number of members on this forum and still continue to maintain the laws of Divine love as well as being able to give this feedback's. I kind of feel it would be a lot of work and preassure for the moderators and yourself.

Now that I read this post, it make a lot more sense to me, this feels more like a forum for loving discovery type and not so much like a forum with strict rules. In other words, I feel this is a great way of continue to offer this forum as a gift, thank again for your time in maintaining it.

Alejandro CL
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