Message from my Guide - Purifying Your Desire

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Message from my Guide - Purifying Your Desire

Post by Thalia » Mon Jul 04, 2016 11:45 am

As some of you may know music at this stage has been a massive passion and desire of mine. I discovered my love and gift for music in 2002 however did not begin fully embracing this gift until 2012 due to my struggle with substance abuse and the lifestyle I was leading. Since being introduced to Divine Truth in 2013, I have come to learn and feel in my soul just how much I have used this gift and passion in a very addictive manner where I have sought for glory, approval and honour, to feel special, wanted and needed, and basically suck any good feeling I could get from it to avoid feeling how much I loathed myself. It has only been in the last year that I have begun to see and feel these things in my soul and begin to make changes to purify my desire for my love of music. As I have begun to embrace my desire's more in harmony with God's way it has begun to expose to me my fears and addictions that I have with music more so than when I was embracing it out of harmony with Love because when I was doing it in an unloving manner I had everyone feeding my addiction and making me feel good and my fears were being suppressed. I'm not saying that I am now perfect in how I embrace my passion and desire with music yet but I am learning, growing and become self aware in my soul about my addictions with it and where I am at with it.

Generally I do not communicate or have a relationship much with my guide so receiving messages is not something I trust or listen to but just recently I had some emotions come up about my desires with music and a message came through loud and clear from my guide or someone about my desire's and addictions. Receiving the message has helped me to remember and keep in perspective what embracing our passions and desire is all about.

'Embracing one's desires is not about what you can get from others but what you can give. If it is a true gift you are giving to the world you will not expect anything in return. Embracing your passions and desire's does not need to involve anyone, it is a journey you share with your Maker, it is about developing and expanding your soul so that you can be your real self and ultimately connect to God. Earthly recognition and rewards do not reach the heavens but rather how you love and treat yourself and others. It is the love you receive from God and the love you share that will be rewarded for all eternity.' Your guide (would love to know his/her name)

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