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Re: Addiction and it’s impact on Desire

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:09 am
by maureen
Hi Marjorie,

Honestly, that post to Rita was a genuine response to real addictions and demands coming from Rita to the world about her art that she even lists there and was expressing confusion about. So, I'm not really getting what it has to do with her having success and me not? If that is what you are saying? Because I don't feel that is true really to begin with nor was that at all a feeling in me about her history with her art. It was about her emotions about her gift.

To me, what I was talking about doesn't have to do with material success. I don't feel anything in comparison to Rita's statements about any of that...what I was writing to and addressing with her has to do with success in terms of growing to look at our addictions in this area. And she shared confusions about that that I was speaking to.

I also do not know why your referenced that other thread. It seems really misplaced to me. And those were not feelings I felt at all in relationship to Rita.

I hear what you are saying about Rita having had some worldly “success” with her art...though she is struggling there currently...but that is not what I was talking about. Because outward success with a lot of addictions and demands and lack of accountability remaining in our souls about our passions and gifts is not success on the levels I am looking toward with my own art and passions. So to me these are separate issues. And I was addressing the soul level issues of passions, addictions and personal responsibility and accountability. Which is different to me than the ups and downs of businesses.

I have had success in my art too. So it is not about me seeing someone's “success” and projecting my injuries onto her out of jealously or comparison which I think you are saying in your statements about me? It is about discussing some of the other issues going on there with Rita that I felt and offered some input on and I just used some of the details of my personal life to share as an illustration. As I did in the post to Abram. Just a willingness to share deeper things (including personal details) that I feel now is perhaps not loving for me to do in these interactions in some ways. There are other people who gain from that and find it helpful but it seems to be causing problems in some of these forum exchanges. And, this could just be the wrong place for me to be sharing details on that level.

Anyway, this seems to be an issue for me to look at. Sharing the details of my life is leading to confusion rather than helping to clarify things in certain exchanges here.

So, for that I apologize. I think I'll stick to writing elsewhere. Rather than try to share more here for now. I feel like my sharing on the forum is not loving in ways that I don't quite understand. And there is no need for me to be doing this. I just wanted to share here and there if I felt it could assist people.

But, this is not feeling like that is the case here. There seems to be a mismatch of some kind...where wires are crossing.

So, I'll leave it there.


Re: Addiction and it’s impact on Desire

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:47 pm
by Nicky
Hi guys

I'm going to lock this thread for the time being.

Myself and/or another moderator will get back to you soon.


Re: Addiction and it’s impact on Desire

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:50 am
by Lena
Marjorie wrote:Hi Maureen,

I must say that I felt the same way as Rita about your response to her initial question.
I felt that you missed the point of her question and was mostly questioning why you could not live of your art.
I also see some sort of mirror effect between yourself and Rita. She is an artist around the same age as yourself with success in what she does and you seem to have completely dismissed this facts.

Your second reply back to Rita was angry in my view and your response seems to be related to an injury you have regarding being misunderstood:

With Regards,

Hi Marjorie,

I have removed this feedback from the strike area, and have issued an apology to Marjorie for the unnecessary harsh strike action, you can read more on this here:

And I have reviewed what I have written to Marjorie to make sure I am not harsh about what I am myself struggle with and see as a major emotional issue and a difficult one to resolve. I want to encourage Marjorie to look at the issue, rather than 'punish' her for having an issue. This has become very apparent after receiving a feedback from jesus and Mary on the emotional issues admins have which have played out in the recent strikes.

So here is my feedback, which I, if was trusting myself more, would have written here instead of striking:

Marjorie I dont know if you have noticed but in your post you have emotionally sided with domineering, arrogant woman who was in a position of abuser, in this case being Rita R.

You have stated:
“I must say that I felt the same way as Rita about your response to her initial question.”

I would like to bring your attention to what may be the reasons why you are unable to feel and see that Rita R had very strong unloving emotions projected at Maureen and has been unloving to Maureen, in fact to anyone who was reading her posts, by being arrogant, in facade, dismissive, attacking.

It is out of harmony with God’s truth and love to side with an abuser, as this only supports the abuser and promotes more unloving justified actions on their behalf.
I can see that you have completely missed out on the strong emotions coming from Rita R towards Maureen. I know this is a big issue in my life and always has been, so this is something I am personally working on myself.

The fact that you did not feel Rita's emotions, indicate you are either afraid of the more dominating woman and will side with her, or actually agree with her being arrogant, dismissive, angry and insincere.
I feel it is more of an fear issue for yourself here.

You were only able to see or comment on Maureen’s post.
This is due for a couple of reasons:

1. Maureen is not in a facade so very easy to understand
2. She is expressing how she feels in writing, sincerely, whether it about loving or unloving feelings

So it makes sense that you have stated the following:
“Your second reply back to Rita was angry in my view and your response seems to be related to an injury you have regarding being misunderstood:”
I would recommend you to investigate your own feelings of discomfort while you were drawn to read the exchange between these women, and maybe even feel reasons why Maureen felt the need to defend herself. What could she feel coming at her from Rita R. etc..

Maureen may have related her personal emotions and experiences to Rita's which may not all apply to Rita, but that does not justify Rita's responses to Maureen. As if a person is loving, they will not turn unloving just because somebody is trying to help them.

I know from my personal experience, being unaware of the full picture in the event can be a very dangerous place to be, while being on the forum or in your private life.
Looking at the current example it indicates that you can not feel when a woman is in a facade and is arrogant and insincere.

I have decided to outline the issues you have, in a hope that this may help you raise some questions about your own attractions in life, your blocking emotions to feel women completely.

As just like yourself I have had many struggles with the very same issue and I know how much this has affected my personal life and still does to a large degree, this addiction to placate to dominating, angry or powerful women, or to be exact to placate to your own fear is a very blind place, as it does not allow you to fully be aware of situations in your life, it will not allow you to grow closer to God on these issues either.

Anyways, I hope this will be of help to you.


Re: Addiction and it’s impact on Desire

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 4:11 pm
by Nicky

In response to the interactions on this thread and the feedback myself, Lena & Eloisa received from Mary & Jesus, I have REMOVED the two amber strikes I initially issued to Maureen and have explained why in the strikes section. If you would like to read more, you can easily do so by following the below link: