Marketing VS Advertising

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Marketing VS Advertising

Post by Nicky » Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:54 pm

Hi guys

I felt a desire to create a separate thread in this part of the forum to basically re-list one of Mary's posts in another section of the forum concerning the areas of marketing vs advertising and the principles of Love & Truth that are involved as I feel the information that she shared was really cool and would be of benefit to a lot of people.

Anyway here is Mary's post below:

Re: Banner Advertising
Post by Mary » Thu Dec 17, 2015 5:37 am

Hi guys,

The issues of love pertaining to advertising and marketing are largely to do with (though not limited to) principles relating to the gift of free will.

It is unloving to intrude upon a person's life and try to alter or influence the way that they use their will.

Using our personal will to try to pressure, force or coerce a person into a certain action or choice is what occurs all over the world today via marketing and many forms of advertising. However from God's perspective (and the perspective of love) this is a seriously unloving action that has negative consequences upon our souls. In effect we are attempting to influence a person's decisions and choices (the use of their will) and thus are disrespecting one of God's greatest gifts to that person.

This is different to simply providing people who seek learning or change with the opportunity to gain information and education pertaining to what they want to learn about via a static or 'passive' site. This is also different to providing information or presentations that do not coerce, threaten or use fear or insecurity to motivate but rather are presentations of truth that enable people to actually embrace their free will to make their own choices and decisions.

Some of the greatest lessons in love we can learn while in our earth life are:
1. That we each have a personal will that we can use in any way that we want, and;
2. That we have personal power to create both positively and negatively as a consequence of using that will in, or out, of harmony with love, and;
3. That we are completely personally responsible for how we choose to use our will (and incur either penalties or rewards upon our soul depending on how we use the gift of our will)

When anyone decides to not honour the gift of free will that God has given to others and instead decide to use their personal will to attempt to influence other people's wills through advertising and marketing - then they are disregarding something that God deeply desires for each of us to learn. They are choosing to use their will out of harmony with God, God's Love and Natural Love and thus will incur negative penalties upon their soul (just as Lena mentions feeling within herself when she engaged in these activities).

Some years ago, I wrote to a group who were asking back then about how to inform other people about a visit we were making to the USA.

I've pasted part of that letter below so as I thought it may be helpful to assist people in understanding concepts like advertising and marketing from a love perspective:

As most of you would be aware, Jesus & I have pretty definite feelings about 'advertising' the Divine Truth. That is, we believe firmly in honouring the free will of others.

The clearest way to explain our views are to give you the following definitions and work from there:

Marketing – in our opinion marketing is any form of advertising that imposes itself on a prospective consumer or customer whether that consumer has exercised their free will or not i.e. without the consumer’s choice. E.g. telephone marketing, television advertising, internet advertising, spam emails etc. We are against marketing.

Advertising (in our definition) – places information in a location that people can choose to access or not. E.g. newspaper advertisments, unforced facebook adverts, internet website that people to visit to access, google searches, flyers on noticeboards and so on.

Going by the above definitions it would be appropriate to advertise details our visit but not to market!

To expand our feelings a little further:

In general we feel that marketing is in opposition with people's will and desire to know things i.e. information is thrust upon people without them first connecting with themselves and their own desires.

For example, a group email publicizing an event or a blaring television add offers the recipient or viewer no option but to receive the information there-in. The individual’s choice as to what they desire to explore or discover is not allowed. We are very clear that we do not wish for the Divine Truth to publicized in these sorts of ways.

However we have recently received some queries about advertising via flyers on noticeboards or in newspapers. In such cases we do feel that the law of attraction is in operation to draw people to the information according to their soul’s desire and readiness. This is similar to a person finding our website or youtube channel via a search that they initiate via a search engine.

In instances such as facebook, we feel that creating an event that bulk emails people an invite does not honour their free will or desire. Creating a specific page or displaying the information on your own page, where individuals are free to choose whether they take note of the information or not, is more in harmony with God’s Laws of Free Will, Desire and Attraction.

If you have a mailing list of people who have already expressed an interest in the Divine Truth then we feel that you are in fact honouring their free will by sending them the information!

If you, exercising your free will, choose to market against the principles of Divine Truth and Love then we suggest that you examine for personal emotional motives for doing so, and you will also find that breaking God’s Laws of Love will always result in negative or unloving consequences. Of course you can still make the choice to be unloving since God gave you the ability to do so.

So while we would like each of you to whatever you desire to spread the word about our visit, our personal preference would be that any spreading of information is done in a way that respects all of God’s Laws. In other words, we are OK with advertising (as defined above) but not with marketing under any circumstances.

We find that by operating in this way we usually end up with a group of sincere and interested people in our audience. This helps these people with the desire to hear and absorb truth to do so in a fairly open and loving environment.

I hope our intentions and desires are clear here. Please feel free to email me any questions that you may have.
If you'd like to read the original thread where this post was contained in, you can do so by following the below link:


A few questions I had about this area came up in a recent chat I had with both Jesus & Mary and I found Mary's post above basically answered my questions. As Mary's original post is now a part of a thread that is locked, people may not necessarily be aware of the contents within the thread itself and I feel there are a lot of really important things to consider with how this area relates to desire and particularly free will.


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