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Understanding the Importance of Free Will

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 4:13 pm
by Nicky
Hi guys

Recently, I have been focusing a lot on issues within myself relating to the use and development of my will in my daily life and how much this affects the improvement, stagnation OR deterioration of my continued relationship with God.

I have come to understand how easy (and actually how sometimes the default setting within myself) it is to kid myself (by ignoring, playing down, skipping over things) that I have dealt with certain addictions, parts of my facade and fears due to not wanting to engage my own will in facing the issues in a truthful and real way. Every time I have been in this place, I generally have that gut feeling deep down reminding me where I am actively choosing NOT TO LOVE and a certain Divine Truth video or comment that I have previously heard Jesus mention drops into my mind. I have come to trust that this gentle little nudge that I feel deep down is where my guide is so constantly attempting to assist me whenever he can in making me more aware of where I am sinning and walking away from God (and how amazing is that by the way? Another person who is deeply interested in our own personal welfare choosing to gift their own energy in helping us not only feel happier in our own lives, but when we are happier that we can help others achieve this as well).

I can say as a matter of absolute fact that every time I have been in this place and let myself reflect upon how I actually feel at the time, it is so important to acknowledge and remember just how miserable and painful the feelings are. When engaging in self reflection and prayer, I have found that the answer to why I am feeling these feelings is 99 times out of 100 related to how I am using my own will out of harmony with love and truth somewhere along the line - but more importantly where I must be resistive to what is already being shown to me to perpetuate such emotions in the first place.

One thing I have asked myself many times over the last couple of years is that why do we as humans generally wait until a situation gets so painful that we feel we must face it out of a sense of desperation rather then choosing to face it before we get ourselves into such a mess? Why would anyone in the right mind actively choose to do this to themselves? I have found that is generally the choice that I have made when it comes to spiritual matters and developing my relationship with God on certain occasions in the past and probably will do at points in the future. I feel there are a number of reasons that one can identify where they stumble in this regard, but for me, it relates down to the use of my will in choosing to not practice what I have previously heard and to not develop my own personal humility in wanting to learn these valuable lessons pertaining to will, particularly after being shown God's Truth through Jesus & Mary's teachings which is just such a huge gift.

Another thing that I have been learning through personal experience and one that has been quite shocking to me is just how quickly (and I mean real quick) spirits in a dark condition will literally "jump on me" as soon as they feel they can have some kind of negative impact on my life because I have chosen to not tackle my addictions and/or fears and seeing the potential of how quickly things can deteriorate when in this space. I have learnt that there is no point being in a place of blame of these spirits as the only reason they can do what they do to us is through the manipulation of our own will because a decision we ourselves have made in not wanting to love and choosing to not focus our energy and time on releasing these unloving emotions within ourselves. We are quite literally, "The captain of our own soul" and I feel that is purposefully how God created it to be.

I have generally found that one of the very first emotions I experience once I have released an addiction or fear and begin to feel the many amazing benefits associated with doing this is the sadness and regret I have when realising that I chose to take the painful route in the first place when it could have been all so different if I had made a different decision way earlier.

Through experimentation and therefore accumulated experience, I have found that EVERY TIME that I wanted to deal with an emotion in a sincere manner and actively involved God in the process, the issues were shown to me extremely rapidly through my Law of Attraction, the help of my guide but also there and then in the moment when I was actually engaged in prayer (truthful and sincere in nature) with God and the exact emotion was instantly triggered, depending on my humility at the time. I feel a lot of times, we don't realise how amazing God actually is, the power he has and just how much God seriously wants to help us release our injuries. God is like the "super parent" and the parent probably all of us wish we had when we were little children but never did.

The more I have been learning about will, the more I am realising just how important it is in my personal relationship with God. I have recently chosen (and actively wanted) to dedicate at least 3 full days a week to developing my relationship with God and have termed this my "Soul Discovery Time" because I now see it as absolutely essential. In these days, I focus on first getting a really good night's sleep the night beforehand (going to bed earlier so I can wake up at an earlier time), drinking a ton of water (4 litres as a minimum) throughout the day, eating very light food (fruits, vegetables, nuts), going for a nice morning walk and then engaging in self-reflection, writing/journalling but most importantly, prayer and then seeing what emotions come up!

I am now starting to really enjoy the days where I do this work and have become more accepting and allowing of the whole emotional process. It has taken me a while to get to this point in my life and it is important to state that there are still definite resistances within me in facing particular emotions but all that means is identifying and releasing the emotions that cause the resistance. It really is such an amazing process that God has created for our redemption!

I have realised that if I would like to receive more of God's Love and develop further towards God, I have to really want it with all of my heart. I am not going to be at one with God (and by the way, I have utmost faith that this condition is definitely possible) if I take a relaxed, laissez faire approach to the development of my personal relationship with my heavenly parent. I know as a fact now that this is an impossibility. I feel so immensely grateful that I have incarnated on Earth at the exact time Jesus, Mary and the rest of the 14 have come to teach God's Truth again. It is such an immense act of love and a gift on their parts in wanting to come back and I know unless I choose to develop my own soul in love towards God, I cannot assist in the growth and sharing of God's Truth on the planet, which I so passionately want to do!

But yea, these are just a few of my reflections and experiences that I felt inspired to share with the forum.


Re: Understanding the Importance of Free Will

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 6:19 pm
by Courtney
Thank you Nicky!

Re: Understanding the Importance of Free Will

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 1:45 am
by Marina Smargiannakis
Thank you for sharing!

Re: Understanding the Importance of Free Will

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:50 pm
by Maxine
Lots to reflect on in how I use my will currently. So thank you.. though that doesn't express what I felt really...

I wanted to gift you something - your post made me think about this song for you. Bless you brother. ... 16kRpamX8s