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Re: Prayer is so cool!

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:00 am
by Tara
Eloisa, I love your enthusiasm on the subject of prayer. I grew up in the Mormon religion and to be honest, I had always felt there was something missing. When I tried to pray I did not feel like I was getting any answers and I did not understand the principle of prayer until I discovered Divine Truth. It was a struggle at first and as I became more open to myself and God, my prayers have been occurring more often and finding that I have even received answers to some of my prayers. I am always experimenting so that I can grow and learn more about this subject which I have found more fulfilling in my life than before. At first when I was exploring Divine Truth I did not use prayer much because of my beliefs at the time of the subject and now I find using prayer can make things happen much more quickly and also I find I carry a prayer around with me in my soul at times without even thinking about it and notice something changing while realizing that prayer has helped much more than learning and experimenting without it. It helps to bring about Law of Attraction events to learn more about my damage and how to heal. In combination with prayer and God's Laws it helps immensely there too. I also agree with you there is so much more to learn and I find the learning process one of the most beautiful processes we can go through. So far I have found when things do not happen when I experiment it is because I have not understood the truth of the principal and will use prayer to explore why the results are the way they are. I have found one important thing with prayer is to have a pure desire in your soul to know the truth of the subject which helps things immensely. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.