Faith is based on FACTS & Our Own Experiences

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Faith is based on FACTS & Our Own Experiences

Post by Nicky » Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:47 pm

You will find anything faith related in this forum category - this quality of the soul is absolutely pivotal in the development of our relationship with God.

Faith is a part of our soul that must be developed by ourselves over time through our personal experiences and experimentation with wanting to discover Truths (Facts) about God and the universe that we exist in. It is a quality whereby we KNOW if we act a certain way, a definite result will come to pass. It is not merely built on just hope, but has real substance.

In some ways, faith is the foundation which allows you to pray sincerely to God from your heart resulting in the potential of receiving God's Truth & Love.

What have you found with regards to developing this quality of your soul? What lessons have you learned? Building your own faith is a beautiful process and leads to joy! gotta' have it!


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