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Beliefs About God Existing

Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:45 am
by Arvarna
Hi there (I am not sure if I have put this post in the right section)

I grew up in a family who was not religious at all, so I was never taught that God exists (from what I can remember).

I have been really struggling to believe that God even exists and I was wondering if anyone may have come from a place of not believing in God, to then emotionally knowing that God exists? (not intellectually convincing themselves that they believe in God).

Sometimes I believe I feel God in that moment, (however this could possibly just be spirits - I have not worked out the truth yet) but most of the time I just have this huge feeling that God doesn't exist.

Thank you,


Re: Beliefs About God Existing

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 4:11 am
by Sandra T
Hi Arvarna

A while back I realised that I do not believe in God, not the real God anyway. Having been indoctrinated into believing in the punishing God has been a huge struggle for me, only to emotionally arrive at the false belief that God as described by Jesus, Mary and the people in the Padgett Messages, does not exist, that there is no God of love. It was a painful realisation, because for the past five years I falsely believed and convinced myself, that I was having a relationship with God, but as you might remember from the Assistance Group, I was having my addictions met through some very dark spirits.

What has been really great for me, is to start reading the Padgett Messages from cover to cover, as they are all about a relationship with God and how to develop it, through faith, prayer and repentance. The benefit of the messages is such, that many of the spirits who had not known about God, or have had false beliefs about God, begin to get to know God through James's help and the help of the spirits who he introduces them to. So what you get to see is the progression that needs to take place, in order to have a realisation that the merciful, loving God does exist and that it is possible to have a relationship with God. Some examples of this process are in the following messages:

James's father conveys a message to James from Mackey and Taggart who are in darkness and desire to be helped. James explains to them how to pray, which is really powerful and similar to how Jesus introduces spirits to God's Love:

"If there be a God, and if that God has a love for me, and is ready to fill my soul with that love and make me happy and full of light, and whether I receive that love or not depends upon my will, then if this is all true, I will that God give me this love with all my strength and desire." ... 41231A.htm

Helen is a go-between for Taggart and Harvey. Taggart presents an excellent argument for the existence of God through his own experience: ... 41231A.htm

Mackey is grateful and never will forget James Padgett's kindness in helping him to see the light: ... 50722I.htm

Taggart is grateful for what James Padgett has done for him and the wonderful results that followed from the advice given to him: ... 50722J.htm

In these you get to see the stages that the spirits go through, starting from the pain and darkness that they are in (LOC effect), not having faith in God, to receiving God's Love. They help me to learn about the process of developing faith.

Additionally, after listening to, and now transcribing a recording Jesus and Mary did on Law Of Compensation, Repentance, Forgiveness & Prayer....

Session 1 on God's Laws: ... r%20P1.mp3

Session 2 in answer to my question: ... r%20P2.mp3

...I am realising that unless I have a true desire to see the full extent of my sin, or have an awakening to my sins, I have actually no hope of developing a relationship with God. The relationship begins with a willing heart to see how we have harmed others, ourselves, God and the environment; and actually feeling the depth of that harm/sin, followed by the repentance and forgiveness process. Even though it feels so undoable for me at times, I also feel like I have a map now of what I need to do, if I am seriously wanting to have a relationship with and thus faith in God. The assistance group talks are well worth a re-visit as the keys to developing a relationship with God are all in there, but the lessons must first be understood. I am only just beginning to understand them intellectually myself, over a year after they have been given to us.

I hope this helps.

I wonder if anyone has gone through this process of awakening to sin and then engaged the higher Laws, and thus began to have a relationship with God as a result?


Re: Beliefs About God Existing

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:58 am
by Kate
Hi Arvarna,

I think you would find the first two videos recently posted on the Divine Truth Hub Blog very inspiring and interesting, as neither Nicky or Perry believed in God before experimenting with Divine Truth. In the second discussion on the topic of God, Nicky describes how he emotionally resolved the existence of God.

I haven't had a personal experience like that yet, but I have noticed on occasions when I've prayed sincerely and felt passionate in my desire to know God and become loving, God/my guides seem to be showing me what is blocking me from receiving his Love and trying to assist me towards releasing that emotion. In the video Perry describes how he modified his prayer as he experimented, from asking to receive God's Love to asking for assistance to remove the block to the love. So you could pray something along the lines of, "God you don't feel real to me, but I'd like to know you. So if you do exist, could you help me become aware of and release what is blocking me from experiencing your love?"

Being in nature has helped me begin to grow some feelings about God being real. At the assistance groups last year I remember AJ encouraging us to do regularly whatever gets your heart involved with God. For me, things like watching birds, looking at insects, plants and things in my yard, walking and sitting in the forest, learning about eco-systems. Seeking to learn about God through enjoying the beauty of his creations, spending time in places where God’s expressions of love are present in their more pure form. It’s not knowing God through a personal relationship yet for me, but it feels like the beginnings of faith and sincere desire to become close to God.


Re: Beliefs About God Existing

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 8:48 pm
by Amanda Stracey
Hi Arvana

I'm not in exactly the same situation as you, as I grew up in a family that had some belief or feelings that God might exist and as an adult I went to church over a few years and thought I believed in God. When I was honest about how I was spending my time and realised how little I wanted to pray and when I did "pray" I was forcing myself to pray and my heart wasn't in it. I had to face the truth that I didn't have any faith that a good God existed and at the same time a lot of false ideas and feelings about God - if that makes sense.

I felt completely in the dark about why I didn't feel God existed or why especially as I had felt very enthusiastic and fascinated by the idea of God in my final years at church. I must have had some desire to know something as I had some experiences afterwards watching a tv play adaptation about a girl who had been treated very badly by various people that affected me - her hopeless and suicidal feelings resonated with me - I cried out "There is no God there is no God!". I wasn't sure if that was in my head or out loud but it was a powerful experience and I took from that, that perhaps really miserable childhood experiences had meant that I felt that a good God or a loving God or goodness couldn't exist. So I would say it is important to ask yourself or consider why emotionally you might have the belief that God doesn't exist and I know it sounds counter-intuitive when we don't believe God exists but to have the desire to be shown by God where that comes from ( again you might have to do some work on being able to ask questions of God or that God wants to answer your questions). Overall now I feel more hopeful that God could exist and my feelings are more about feeling silly for believing God does exist.

I would definitely watch Nicky and Perry's videos as well as they are inspiring.

There are also great faqs from people who have asked similar types of question. Some of my favourites that might help are as follows:

I now find Divine Truth difficult & challenging! What can I do? ... B&index=68

How can we learn to trust and feel God as a real experience? ... oj9ivBiQOd

Hope that helps


Re: Beliefs About God Existing

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:20 pm
by Lena
Hi guys,

this topic is now in the 'Relationship with God => Faith' section of the forum,



Re: Beliefs About God Existing

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:55 am
by Arvarna
Hi there,

Thank you Lena for moving the thread to the right section.

I just wanted to say thank you to you all for your replies. It has taken me some time to get back to you. For some reason I kept putting it off.

It was really beautiful to read your suggestions and they brought tears to my eyes. I have not currently acted on any of your suggestions, except for Kate's, so I am wondering if I was very sincere with my post at all. Or that there may possibly be some other reasons why I haven't acted on the suggestions.

To be honest I am not sure my original post was really the truth of how I was feeling at the time. I was feeling really blocked towards God at the time of writing the post and have for quite some time and I was having trouble believing that God exists. However what I am realising now is that I haven't wanted God to exist because of worrying that that he would just want to punish, judge and attack me if he did exist. There is a lot of fear and grief surrounding this issue for me and I can see that holding on to this belief itself is totally blocking me from feeling God's true nature.

Thank you again for your suggestions. I hope to be able to get a copy of the Padgett Messages and watch the videos that were suggested.

Love Arvarna

Re: Beliefs About God Existing

Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:00 pm
by Amanda Stracey
Hi again Arvana

I wantd to add something I've been looking at and doing myself, that is, that even though I have had the feeling that God doesn't exist I can also see (because of the existence of laws, mathematics, natural beautiful things etc) that God could exist and God could be good. I could engage the experiment of praying every day and ask God to show me that he/she does exist - I do not necessarily need to "emotionally process" stuff before I do that - in fact the act of engaging prayer may/should bring up these emotions anyway - like I may feel silly going away on my own to pray to a God I don't believe in, that nothing is going to happen - I feel that that this has and is working for me - when no answer comes I know enough now to know that I am not being sincere so I don't really want God or I am actively in anger or in denial of anger with God or someone else and when something does happen it's completely shocked me because I don't feel worthy of it - so that gives me the next emotion to deal with. This has also made me realise that to get closer to God myself I will have to want to forgive people who have hurt me and want forgiveness from God and to make amends for the things I have done - this means I will need to be truthful about what has really happened to me in my life and what I have done. I am finding that this alll comes much more naturally when prayer is being engaged regularly even if seemingly prayer doesn't get answered.

So in short even though we have the feeling within us and no faith, we can still experiment with what could possibly be a truth - God exists, God cares about me and has an interest in me - whtever your biggest issue you can formulate a sincere desire to know if this is true - a whole hearted desire to resolve this for yourself between you and God. When I did that recently with more intensity, desire and sincerity I definitely felt a connection to God (I'm still reluctant to say it was love) but I had a very strong overwhelming feeling from outside of me that I was God's daughter - it shocked me so much to get that feeling ( God knows what she's doing eh!) but I now have more faith that it's repeatable.

I would highly highly recommend the talks Relationship with God - Faith and Prayer - there is so much to learn and appreciate from that and a focus on a lot of the "issues" or excuses we make to avoid the experiment.

Best Wishes