Quotes that stick out for me from Jesus

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Quotes that stick out for me from Jesus

Post by Laura Berry » Tue Oct 20, 2015 2:32 am

1,I read this in one of the little gospels i cant remember which one or if i have worded it exact...

"Why do you look for the speck of sawdust in your brothers eye without a thought for the great plank in your own?"

(Being someone that has blamed others and avoided myself a lot this has hit me where it needed and with humour so thank you Jesus!)

2, "Everything that has happened to you that was unjust................................Was unjust... Just let that sink in for a moment"

(This is still sinking in but thank you Jesus)

3,"The absolute truth about the red and blue pen... are that they are different colours"

(I love this because of how it highlights the simplicity, logic and certainty of absolute truth and how it removes the fluff we often create around it and how we create these clouds around the truth that is often staring us in the face)

4, "Love is a gift"

5, "I am a child of God"

(For me this is challenging and having no real relationship established with God to see myself as God's child and to start to let that idea in has helped me a lot)

6, "God desires a relationship with you"

7, "Seek first God's love and all other truth will be added to you"

8, "Humility is a desire to feel ALL your own emotions"

9, "Fear is your friend"

(Still don't believe this one yet whole heartedly ;) but i often encourage myself with these words when i notice i am in fear)

10, "Prayer is a heartfelt longing"

(Being very intellectual with processing these words from Jesus help me remember i am thinking to God rather than feeling for God.)

I know there are thousands more and i would like to say thank you to Jesus for these words and the help they have and do provide for me and others.

Laura B x

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