3 minutes of fear

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3 minutes of fear

Post by KerryF » Fri Dec 11, 2015 11:19 am

We often recall something Mary said to us whilst in Kenya: Affectionately known as '3 minutes'

"It's a choice girls - 3 minutes of fear and terror, or 3 months of constant praying and longing for God to present you with another opportunity [to feel fear]"

In other words, better to feel it then and there when the fear is triggered thanks to the Law of Attraction event just presented to you; than avoid it and suppress it, wasting a golden opportunity to engage with the messenger of truth, and potentially totally change the outcome of a situation.

Great advice! If only I acted on it more often.

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Re: 3 minutes of fear

Post by Lena » Fri Dec 11, 2015 11:38 am

This is awesome Kerry, thanks for sharing!

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Re: 3 minutes of fear

Post by Sage » Fri Dec 11, 2015 1:33 pm

Such an awesome reminder Kerry, thank you! It was just what I needed to read right now as I am faced with a situation where I just want to follow my old tactics and run and hide, but reminding myself that this situation is really an answer to my prayers and choosing to feel it now is a far better solution.

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Re: 3 minutes of fear

Post by LisaQ » Sat Dec 12, 2015 2:47 am

Hi Kerry,

I LOVE this quote, and often remind myself of it. Thank you for posting it!

About 4 months back, I avoided feeling a specific fear/ terror that was surfacing and I suffered as a result (running around like a chicken with my head cut off for about 2 months). Finally, I realized that this needed to be faced. Once I turned towards this fear/terror and allowed the experience of it, it was NOT a pleasant, but it did move me forward significantly.

It would have been a lot better had I not wasted those two months in avoidance.


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Re: 3 minutes of fear

Post by Maxine » Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:11 pm

Great quote. Thank you

Maxine x

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Re: 3 minutes of fear

Post by LauraR » Sat Jan 16, 2016 4:08 pm

Thank you Kerry. The quote certainly puts things into perspective.

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