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Collection of Mary Quote's

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:14 am
by Thalia
For anyone who is just starting their relationship with God I cannot highly recommend enough reading Mary's online journal which can be found on their website. It is full of beautiful insights, messages and quotes from her early journey. Over the last 12 months I have collected them and written them in my own journal so that I could refer to them as needed. I apologise if I haven't got the exact wording right as I am copying from my journal as I do not remember where exactly in her journal I found these but you can read the original from her journal. She is a great example and I am forever humbly grateful for these writings that has helped me so much in my journey over the last year.

'Here I am, teach me to love myself just as I am, in this precious, imperfect moment of my existence show me I am worthy. Let me feel Your Love. God I haven't wanted Your Love, I've asked for guidance and for courage but I haven't wanted Love. I have paid lip service to Your Love but haven't yearned for it in the way of a winsome, love sick teenager, or a mother for her lost child or a son for his absent father. I haven't unlocked the desire that consumes a soul that is in the heart beat behind every action present with every word and flavours every minute. I quake at the thought of unleashing my sheer, unadulterated longing that my heart may run free and into the ARMS of YOUR LOVE.'

'In the early dawn in my dawning, I realise that I have focused on the eradication of sin and error and neglected because of unworthiness and fear of grief the inflowing of God's Love. The fastest way to eradicate sin and error is to focus on the Love. The process of emotional, causal release will be the same but it will happen as a natural part of my relationship with God. It is sharing with God in complete humility that changes our soul. When we truly open ourselves to God's Love gives us us courage to step into the depths of pain and She takes the cause from us. The gentle surgeon removes the barbs. It is a process with my MAKER not a trial that I must endure before I can relate to Her.'

'To love someone with all of who we are, to desire them completely and with an open heart, to share ourselves without reserve, is one of the most, if not the most courageous things we can ever do. It is also the most worthwhile.'

'Firstly, our emotions truly begin to change and shift in the moment we fully surrender to them. I don't need to make sense of them. If I trust the process and long to God for Truth and Love, as I go through them, my emotions guide me to a place of more understanding and freedom.'

Mary's guide - 'Be true . . . to what you feel right now, surrender to your emotion, embody it, allow it, don't act it out or avoid, don't analyse or understand it. Just be true.'

'Stop trying and desire God, Love, Truth and emotion.'

'God please help me welcome this pain so that I may know you as my True Parent. Help me to remember that my relationship with You is the one that will teach me Love and that the opinions and judgements of the world around me, mean little if they take me away from you. God please help me to be humble before you today and everyday. Teach me to live with the walls down and the roof off, I desire to be near you and to bring glory to You. Help me to be humble to my failings and pain so that I may never cultivate addiction and instead live in the shadow of Your Love every hour and moment of my life.'

'My friends, we must learn what it means to ask Him, to ask with our hearts, our whole hearts, our broken and shameful hearts, the parts of us that don't feel whole because in truth they lack His Love. We must unearth the parts of us left in the shadows and corners and forgotten caverns in our souls so that She may shine the Light of Love and Truth upon them. Find all those broken pieces and then to be brave enough to share them God so that healing can begin.'

' . . . while we may exist here, in this realm that is largely dictated by fear and vengeance we have the choice to walk as gentle ambassadors of God's Peace and Promise here on earth; that we may be sure footed in His Grace; not full of the pain and punishment of the world but most certainly present amidst it, loving and forgiving it all.'

'Could I give you my heart God? All the lost and fragile pieces of me, could I offer them up to You? Could I want Your Love so much that I would face all my fears and give up all my feeble attempts of those shameful human encounters where I try to earn approval and appreciation all in an effort to find a substitution for the love that would fulfil me complete.'

'Stay humble to my own feelings and I won't become rigid or defensive, if I love myself enough to stay connected to myself I will be able to love others more, while I hold onto grief I hold onto the pain that can be inflicted through attack, when I allow myself to grieve I create space to love all others.'

'I am not perfect and I am very afraid. My heart aches from a deep rocky hollow within me me. I have a cavern in my chest that cries out at a life without family and a life of Truth, that challenges so very many. But amidst all of this also grows a new hope a vision of a life without fear of how others will view me and that place would be liberating indeed.'

'If I am needy or demanding I won't receive it, my neediness is a plea that He make it easier so that I may avoid my darkest sorrow. My demand is anger and expectation that I should be able to avoid vulnerability and openness with Him.Instead I must ask with sincere longings and earnest aspiration. I must truly desire it and be willing to bare my whole self to Him.'

'God walk with me while I uncover those worthless, hurting parts of myself. Help me towards humility rather than facade and defence. Let my grieving open me to the truth about myself and to the love that already surrounds me. Let me strive to embrace the suffering of the past so that I may open my heart to a hopeful future, full of freedom.'

'Our hearts must lead us. And for our hearts to lead we must be willing to firstly own what is rally in our heart. We must face the anger, resentment, the sense of entitlement, the desire to be the best, the pride, the powerlessness, the terror, the grief and fear. Until we own our true soul damage, until we desire to heal, the revolution cannot even begin.'

Mary Magdalene

Re: Collection of Mary Quote's

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 1:04 am
by Phoebe Bruce
Thanks for taking the time to type these out , Thalia.

Mary has said so many profound things, and she writes with such eloquent and heart felt expression...I keep a pile of printed pages from her blog near my bed to read at times. She is an inspiring sister!

Re: Collection of Mary Quote's

Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:40 pm
by LisaQ
Wow! Thank you, Thalia, for sharing these quotes. They speak directly to my heart and I want to copy some of them down to put up around my room. I hadn't ever discovered these before seeing your post here.

Thanks again for taking the time to share these,

Re: Collection of Mary Quote's

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:07 am
by LisaQ
Hi Thalia,

Would you mind providing me with the specific location of these writings from Mary? I looked through the DT website, but could not find them.


Re: Collection of Mary Quote's

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 2:12 am
by Phoebe Bruce
I believe most of them (if not all) are from Mary's blog, the link to her blog is in the top right hand corner of the Divine Truth website. you can also subscribe to it to get sent to your email anything she adds to her blog.

Hope that helps.


Re: Collection of Mary Quote's

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 7:41 am
by Thalia
Sorry for the delay, yes Phoebe is correct, the letters are on her blog however I have found a direct link to downloadable PDF's on their website here : ... -blogs.htm


Re: Collection of Mary Quote's

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 8:08 pm
by LisaQ
Ah! Thank you Phoebe and Thalia! Much appreciated.

Re: Collection of Mary Quote's

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:58 pm
by julie_bennion
Ah, yes, these are such moving passages, thank you, Thalia, for being here! and for typing-up & sharing these with us.
Thank you Mary!, for sharing the gifts of your soul, including every part as it is just now {we can all relate!}. My soul is further opened to proceed, more fully desiring now to humbly embrace myself as I am, and from this place ask God to Show Me The Way, through Her Love. I love you Mary.

As a side note, it is again amazing how God's Law of Attraction is at work ~ Tonight I am attending a 12-step mtg. where the focus is prayer & meditation, journaling & self-reflection, with a bit of sharing at the end. This is an unusual format for a 12-step group and, as such, it's really the only one I feel drawn to participate in. Reading Mary's thoughts/prayers to God gives me great inspiration to do some of this myself tonight. I feel open to it, while remembering now, I have tried writing to God before, but was pretty challenged; I became critical of the words I used and felt bummed/depressed about how blocked I was. There was something off-feeling too, about using paper & pen, words, & my imperfect penmanship. That, in itself, was like "how can these meager tools do justice to God and Her creation of everything, including my soul, and the multi-layered capabilities for exploration & growth that God has given me?!"

Okay, there's still some ripe stuff in there for me to feel, and write about (?!) ...

Thanks again, Thalia.

Re: Collection of Mary Quote's

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:11 am
by marionseath
Thank you Thalia, Mary and other contributors. Good timing for me too. So so beautiful both the writing and the sharing. Xo