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Addiction with potential 'soulmates'

Posted: Fri May 13, 2016 7:46 pm
by Thalia
As I prepare to go to the second education in love group I have been re-watching some of the material online. One of the major issues in my life at the moment are my addictions still. It was a major part of the feedback I received at the 2014 assistant group and also again at the second group in March 2016. Obviously I haven't worked through many of my addictions over the last couple of years at all. As I was watching some of video's from the first group there was something that stuck out to me where a lady was talking with Jesus and he was saying how if we want to learn about our addictions we can ask God to show us and God being the Loving Parent will show us what our addictions are if we are sincere. As they were saying that I had what I thought was just a passing thought in my mind like 'yeah God, I'd like to ask you that'. I continued watching education in love video's for some time and as per usual my mind sometimes wonder and I get distracted or bored (just want to be honest) while listening and open up a new tab on YouTube while still listening to see what else I can find to move onto. I then saw as a suggestion a video from the Divine Truth Experience channel of Peter and Nicky talking about 'Suppressing Painful Emotions With Physical & Emotional Addictions' again. I say again because I had previously seen it as a suggestion on my homepage of YouTube many times but of course did not bother to click on it or watch it but this time I did and I can say that I am so so so so glad that I did.

I got through the whole video without being distracted and I could not wait to hear more and more about Peter's experience with the subject of soulmates. Peter's experience of what he has gone through with being fixated on one person being his soulmate and coming to terms that they might not be has really made me think and at least opened my mind to the possibility that the person that I have felt was my soulmate for the last 3 years just might not be. Much like what Peter went through, I came to the realisation that I had a soulmate long before I knew about Divine Truth, I didn't know the word was soulmate in a Divine Truth sense, it was just a feeling that there was one other person out there that would be the perfect fit for me and I would know it when I met them. And then in 2013 I did meet someone and I felt that there was some kind of special connection but couldn't quite put my finger on what it was, and there were all these crazy and telepathic experiences I had with her but without going into much detail it wasn't working out so I ended it with her. As soon as I ended it, literally the day after that I came across information about 'twin flames' and I had never heard of such thing and when I did I thought omg she is my twin flame, I can't believe it, I just ended it with my twin flame. And then a few months later Divine Truth came into my life and when that happened I thought OMG she is my soulmate for sure, she is, she is!!!! and my heart sang with joy and ever since I have been fixated on this person definitely being my soulmate and have been hoping and waiting for her to come back into my life. Meanwhile we haven't even really been in contact since I ended it with her, maybe a couple of emails here and there, but nothing has changed over the last 3 years and I can say I don't even really have a friendship with this person. Also come to think about it we don't really have the same personality traits, well at least thats what what I can tell from my current undeveloped condition. But I REALLY want her to be my soulmate...or is it just that I want to have my addictions met? More than likely it is the latter, well its not likely, most definitely it is the latter.

To have the thought that I would like to ask God to show me my addictions and then to come across this video about addictions instantly where I have had an extremely extremely similar situation just shows me how powerful God is and how fast God acts, how awesome God's Law of Attraction is and that my thought wasn't just a thought. God showed me that God wants to show us our addictions and I feel God is trying to show me a massive addiction and area of my life that I need to look at that I have absolutely not wanted to consider. Who we think our soulmate is just might not be and as Peter mentioned it can greatly hinder our relationship with God and our guides and open us up to much spirit influence who manipulate situations to make you think the person you are fixated on being your soulmate is your soulmate when they might not be. Watching this video has definitely been a light bulb moment for me, an aha moment that I have never seriously considered before. But it completely makes sense, how could I have been so sure who my soulmate is when I have not yet even begun my relationship with God properly and I am still stuck in my addictions? I can't know for sure. It has sparked a little flicker inside of me to begin the process of opening my heart to the possibility that she might not be my soulmate, and to begin to consider what my investments in this are and look at why I haven't wanted to see or know this addiction.

This is just one area of my life and I am sure God is going to show me many more of my addictions, fast, like really fast if I am sincere. She is quick!!!!! :)))

I highly recommend the video. Thanks Peter for sharing your experience.

Re: Addiction with potential 'soulmates'

Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2016 11:27 pm
by Maxine
Hi Thalia,

I wanted to share that just before I came across DT I had a relationship where I truly thought he was my twin flame ( from my new age days) and then translated it into him being my soulmate after coming across DT. In fact I even ask a question about him as my soul mate in the July 2012 talk in England. Jesus answers me, but he must have seen so much at that point. I now know that the intense feelings I had for this man was pure addiction - sexual and otherwise. It is truly incredible, how we can convince ourselves that someone is our soulmate because we receive certain feelings we interpret as love and really indicates how damaged our view of love is.

I have been in a new relationship since then and still am with him and we have suspected we may be soulmates. However, even if we were we have also been in a lot of addiction with each other for most of the 4 years we have been together. We have been working on trying to change this the last months and in it hope to expose more truth and we are beginning to have more interest in each other besides having out addictions met, but it is very challenging one minute I feel love and the next I want to run. Maureen recently did a clip on her youtube channel about the how we can want intimacy and want to run from it at the same time. Good clip. There is something different for me with him in that we do have similar personality traits, but it is still unclear as we both still have many errors in us. The telepathic happens with us, but it is an area to be very careful of because of the amount of spirit influence that can be involved in that. I learnt from the previous relationship that dark spirits were trying to worsen my condition and were involved in a lot of the sexual interaction. It was pretty awful to discover, but I have learnt much from that experience and now can be aware if spirits are trying to get involved in my sex life ( as much as I am able). The truth is my current partner and I do not if we are soulmates - we have much to heal, but we have decided this year to finally tackle some addictions, let go of needing to know ( sometimes demand) the end result and just see where desiring more truth takes us.

I recommend watching all the DT videos on this subject if you haven't already.

There are some as early as 2009 - HUman Relationships: sex and sexuality. ( where Maureen's clip is from) Here is the first one:

I personally found the sexual attraction talks really helpful and it talks a lot about spirit influence involved in this ( from 2011):

I hope this helps


as well as the soul mate relationships talks from 2010.

Re: Addiction with potential 'soulmates'

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 11:50 am
by Thalia
Thanks sister for sharing, it gives me more to feel and ponder about. Its funny you recommended those videos as I have watched them a while ago and only just recently started watching them again this week :O

I will keep watching them!!!