You're Wrong!

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You're Wrong!

Post by Nicky » Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:45 pm

Denial and Resistance to Truth forms a large part of our facade. It is essentially our soul not wanting to hear anything that challenges the error already within it and we want to do this for many reasons.

Whilst we are in denial of emotion, physical conditions and illnesses will begin to manifest within our body. It is God attempting to show us that there is something pretty big we do not want to know the Truth about within ourselves. Denial of emotion in many cases ultimately results in an untimely passing into the spirit world.

Whilst we are in a state of resistance to Truth, we can never grow in love. Truth is the sword which cuts through these two elements of the facade. Denial and Resistance to truth also shows a lack of humility within ourselves.

Here you can discuss these two areas as you see fit.


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