Helping in the sleep state

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Helping in the sleep state

Post by LauraR » Mon Sep 07, 2015 3:39 pm

I had a sleep state experience last light - I believe that would be the proper terminology.
I was helping another person. I am not sure if they were physical experiencing the sleep state or if they were in spirit.
There was complete darkness - I don't recall any light. What I remember is knowing there was a man in distress. We were standing very close together - I think I was holding his hands. I kept telling him to pray to Jesus for help. Pray to Jesus. Pray to Jesus. Then I woke.
I do wish I could have remembered more, but I am glad about what I did recall. I question why I was in such a dark place, but I also know that it has been my desire to help the dark spirits and I didn't have any fear. I did have the urgency that he understand what I was telling him.
I am doing my best to understand the darker spirits as just people in need - which of course they are. (My brain is still trying to wrap itself around all these new beliefs, ideas, knowings). It is hard for me to grasp that I have actually found "the way".
Any perspective on the event would be appreciated.
Love to all!

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