I Just Don't Remember

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I Just Don't Remember

Post by Nicky » Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:16 am

Jesus has described the sleep state as us experiencing life in our spirit body in a location either here on Earth or in the spirit world whilst our physical body is resting. The soul is active 24/7.

Whilst we are in our spirit body, due to the fact that any spirit can see our true condition very easily we give up our facade. We just do whatever we want to do, fulfil any urges and compulsions that we have within our soul - stuff we can deny whilst awake due to maintaining our facade. This is why many of us find it hard to remember our sleep state experiences because we do not want to know what actions we have been indulging in whilst in our spirit body.

Here you can discuss anything pertaining to the sleep state and any interactions you had whilst in your spirit body. What has it allowed you to learn about yourself?


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