Sleep/Dream State Questions

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Sleep/Dream State Questions

Post by Nicky » Fri Jan 01, 2016 5:14 pm

Hi everyone

Laura replied to a thread started by Mike which can be found below:


I felt it appropriate to split part of Laura's post as I felt her questions would be useful in starting up an entirely new discussion. This is partly because I feel a number of people would have similar questions and also because I felt it was more loving to Mike to do this so that the intentions behind creating his thread are not lost by people responding to Laura's questions.

Laura's questions can be seen below:
I have been successful in remembering more of my sleep state experiences but have some general questions that I am doing my best to resolve.

1. How can I determine the difference between a spirit state experience and a dream? I believe there are different qualities to the experience but haven't been able to narrow it down yet.
2. Since the dream state is a form of communication from our soul does it carry the same possible consequences if we are behaving out of harmony with love in a dream?
3. Is an out of body experience the same as a spirt state experience? I have been out of body but it did not feel the same as the spirt state experience. When I was out of body - I was more like a ghost - I could see through myself.
4. Is astral projection the same as spirit state. I haven't wanted to astral project as I felt it has more "metaphysical" experience as opposed to Divine Love - but I am not sure. Maybe it is just the intention behind the desire?
5. If I develop more the ability to recall dreams and spirit time, will this help me to become a medium? Somehow I feel this would be true but I cannot articulate the reasons at this time - it is just a feeling.
6. If we desire, can our guides take us to higher spheres as a way to help us? I believe this is true but have not experienced it as far as I know.
7. This is not a question but a skill I am trying to develop and that is to meet specific people in my sleep state.

It is very important for me to recall more as I want to understand my true soul condition and I have experienced some of my own unloving actions. Although I was not able to process the emotion in the spirit state, I woke up with the terrible feeling of the thing I had done wrong and was able to process and work through some of that it my waking state. So I have received great benefit whether spirit state or dream.

I so enjoy discussing dreams/sleep state - there feels to be a depth to the experiences. That although they may not be pleasant, they are more real.

Laura Rule
Hope this makes sense.


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Re: Sleep/Dream State Questions

Post by Mike A. » Sat Jan 02, 2016 5:16 pm

Thanks Nicky

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Re: Sleep/Dream State Questions

Post by Darragh » Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:23 pm

Fascinating. I wish to recommend a book. Lucid dreaming:Gateway to the inner self by Robert Waggoner. I listened to the audiobook. I can only recommend it as a documented experience of someone's (the writers) dreams. I listened to the Sleep state presentations by jesus first. See how much of the information crosses over and then to add to your own experiences. I found it all fascinating anyhow.

I only have a theory myself and is as such. Because i'm in addictions in many shapes and manors then my desired will have me all over the place when in the sleep state, So fast that i can't keep track or i might not want to remember, as jesus highlighted during the presentation as a common occurrence in the world. so, only today i was asking what my current priority list is. Maybe something like this; Addictions, conscious problems, time for myself. So when i'm lying horizontally at night I will have "problem solving dreams" about objective things i do from day to day. I feel these are just dreams. when i'm in the sleep state, i feel i'm chasing my addictions and am in a constant or accelerated frenzie so much so that its too fast and out of control that i can't notice it to remember or i don't care to remember.

right now i feel i'm being told to "Fast for a day but drink plenty of water" and then see what happens when i go to sleep. I'll revise the sleep state presentations beforehand. I'm remembering jesus and mary's analogy of the foreign city. If i want to know it i need to just "go there".

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