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How a discussion about love and death led to a dream or sleep state experience

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 10:20 am
by Anneli
Just recently I had a sparkling discussion with my mom and oldest son about how it's not loving to be violent towards someone that is trying to hurt us or people we love, even if they would kill us if we weren't defending ourselves violently. My mom could not reconcile with this, but she did still listen to how I felt that her reistance was coming from a fear about losing control, and about being needed by those around her, among other things. (She had received a knife from a couple of friends to defend herself when they spent the night on their boat out on the lake, which is what brought up the subject). I just went like "Mum, really - would you actually stab another human being?" Mom: "Only a little, not to kill them or anything!" Me: "Mum, it's not logical - you could never control your stabbing if you panicked and were attacked in the darkness, it's very likely that you mightkill someone with that knife". Mom: "Rather them than me!" Me: Mum, there's nothing better about them dying than you, and you would feel an enormous pain from doing such an unloving thing, and they might still end up killing you in the fight, and for whatever good did you kill them then?"

My son shared a bit what he felt about it, and afterwards he told me that "besides from you allowing me to die, I agree with you", which felt both sad and good to hear. I had to explain to him that of course I would do everything else but hurt the other person to save him from being killed or wounded in any way, and that I would still grieve tremendously if he died. I have not healed those injuries around losing people close to me from this physical life yet, as you can tell, and I know I need to do that to be able to feel God's truth about it.

Anyway, the same night I could hardly sleep at all, and after waking up from some 3 hours of sleep, I did it with a dream or sleep state experience where my son was around 10-12 years old, and told by others to stay inside an old house with maybe 3-4 other people, due to them being infected with a deadly bacteria. He cried and it was heartbreaking, he begged me to save him and do something, and I cried as well, knowing that I still had another son to take care of outside the house, so it wasn't just about getting in there with him (which I would have done otherwise, which is probably another injury). Just as I woke up, I got it! I even tried to talk back to him in that half-awake state, telling him that I would go inside the house to be with him, because then we would deal with the reasons for the deadly bacteria infections together - I would just show him how and he (and the others if they wanted to) could do it with me. So I could both be with him as he was so scared and at the same time get him out of the situation.

I couldn't tell if this was a dream or for real, and I asked him about his dreams from this night (I've started to do that, because sooner or later both I and the other person will realize that it wasn't just a dream - it was something we actually both experienced during the night), but he didn't recall anything like that. I told him about my conclusion at the end of the dream as well. I often talk with family and friends around me about how I progress through the healing of my old emotional injuries, so they are quite used to hearing this kind of things :) One of my sisters have also started to do the same, but so far we're the only ones I know that are actively going in that direction.

One thing perhaps: I'm aware that I still need to work through some fears about being injured and feel physical pain caused by others, so I'm not "all clear" there, although I do feel that it's true what I talked with my mom about, about us not being more important than others, and that we don't really lose anything by dying, and that it's fears that keep us from acting lovingly when being threatened. Now it's only a matter of getting there soulwise as well :) ;)

Re: How a discussion about love and death led to a dream or sleep state experience

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 10:24 am
by Anneli
(I should perhaps mention that I intended to heal the emotional reasons why the bacteria infection was there in the first place, and that was my grand solution for the whole situation, in case this wasn't clearly expressed in my little story)./Anneli

Re: How a discussion about love and death led to a dream or sleep state experience

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:25 pm
by SoulDeep_

Well, it seems that the dream was definitely allowing you to work through some fears. It was all a beautiful law of attractions experience as well.