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Transferrance of injuries to our children

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 2:21 pm
by Teresa French
(I am copying this post from where I had put it within my intro thread at Mary's suggestion. Thank you Mary for your suggestion and feedback.)
Teresa wrote: Hi Nicky,

With regards to this:
Nicky wrote: Hi Everyone.

I have banned Stephen from the forums for severely unloving behaviour aimed at Teresa. Please see below:
Stephen wrote: Hard to imagine what is possible in the Soul Union state!
Now they are on Earth and seperate again I guess that isn't possible.
Couldn't be able to create physical bodies on Earth otherwise they never would have needed to reincarnate!

These are important Truths if we want to improve our understanding of reality, please try not to be wishy washy with your answers.

From Stephen
Further to the above quote, I felt he was being arrogant in a number of his other posts across the forums. It is clear that Stephen has either not taken the time to read the terms of use OR he has read them and decided to disregard them. Further to this, I felt he has been motivated to come here by a group of unloving spirits with the aim of degrading the site. If you would like to know why I have taken this action, you can refer to the topic I have created in the Strikes forum category regarding this thread.

Teresa, I feel this is a great opportunity for you to feel about what has happened here, if you'd like to of course.

To everybody else, I have now locked this post. If you would like to continue the discussion on this topic, feel free to start up another thread.


From this thread viewtopic.php?f=21&t=74

I have been reflecting on your suggestion to feel about what happened between me and Stephen and then also with attracting Lance who also was red striked. I asked myself why am I attracting this unloving behaviour from men?

What I felt, what came to me in response to this question, was "Bullying" - this is something I am focussing on recently as it is an issue for the young soul in my care recently (her name is Melanie - faster to write! aside - I haven't found a more elegant way of putting that, does anyone have any suggestions?).

Our counselor has suggested that Melanie's over-sensitivity and over-reactiveness makes her a target for bullies, and I know that I have passed this down to her. The counselor has outlined some things for her to try (there's a book called Bully Blocking which we still haven't started going through - my resistance there as I know there is much in there for me too).

But that doesn't feel like it directly relates to why Stephen and Lance both treated me in that manner. ... More for me to explore here, and I know I am not guiltfree in this too. perhaps I trigger their fear with my covert anger, which I still haven't emotionally come to terms with fully - I have moments of feeling it, but I wouldn't say it is something I have really got my teeth into yet.

More reflection, and more praying, required here, thank you for the opportunity to focus on it.

I will get back to you, thank you.


Re: Transferrance of injuries to our children

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 2:23 pm
by Teresa French
Amanda responded:
Amanda Stracey wrote: Hi Teresa

I just wanted to continue or open up the discussion a bit on law of attraction events involving our children and how that relates to us as parents or in a parental role. I don't want to put you off reading the book on bullies or sharing that with your daughter, but I continue to experience events where my children are attracting unpleasant and damaging events even though I feel currently I'm not necessarily attracting those events myself (that maybe subject to change as I become a bit more truthful and sensitive) . One thing I've attempted to do is to view or accept that the events are totally or partially (depending on the age of the child) dependent upon my own issues with and around men. So where that would differ would be examining the event emotionally myself for myself and with my own history and not expecting my child to be able to handle it or solve the issue if they are carrying what I've passed on to them. When I change, they can change. I'm not claiming that I've resolved much, but I have had some recent events that have repeated so that I cannot fail to notice what the attractions are even if I am still a bit blind to what attracts that to me. I've found recently re listening to the Law of Attraction talks has been helping me see a bit more clearly and of course the fact that is happening to someone I feel I would like to love and protect dearly is the best motivator. I'm sure I've heard this before - if we won't change for our kids who will we change for! I'm sorry that I can't be any clearer or more specific but I feel the real point I am trying to make for you and myself is that the best thing we can do is to accept we are part of the creation of the event (and experience any resistance and rebellion to that) and get to a position where we want to experience whatever in our souls and past is creating more pain now.


Re: Transferrance of injuries to our children

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 2:23 pm
by Teresa French
Mary responded:
Mary wrote:Hi Amanda & Teresa,

I would love to add to this conversation however I'd feel more comfortable doing that in the Law of Attraction section. I'll try to tune in and add my comments if you decide to shift over there.

Teresa - I thought to offer you the opportunity to reflect on why you didn't post your reflections re your attractions over there to start with? There is an emotional reason behind your decision to post here.