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Engaging the LOC?

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:38 am
by Sandra T

I am just translating The Truth About - The Law of Repentance and Forgiveness file:///Users/sand/Downloads/20120811%20The%20Truth%20About%20-%20Repentance%20&%20Forgiveness.pdf

and Jesus speaks about how this law is for the willing soul, and the Law of Compensation acts upon a soul that is in resistance. I am wondering whether engaging the LOC, which I assume is the desire to feel the pain we have caused to others and ourselves, can lead us to engaging the Law of Repentance and Forgiveness?

I am just starting to realise the fact, that all the pain and suffering I experience is a result of the things I have done and do, that are harmful to others, so I am now aware that I am experiencing the LOC. However, I am still unwilling to engage the Law of Repentance and Forgiveness, but can I engage the LOC, as in embrace it, by willing to accept that it is operating on me and allowing the painful effects of breaking the laws of love to be felt?

It seems that the two laws are very much related, is it correct to say that in engaging the LOC, we are willing to acknowledge and feel the sin, and thus, it is the first step in moving towards the Law of Repentance and Forgiveness?


Re: Engaging the LOC?

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 7:41 am
by Lena
Hi Sandra,

From what I have learnt recently, the law of compensation works right away on your soul, as soon as the act is done.
So if the act was loving then the compensation effects, if this word is even applicable, are positive and instant;
and if the act was not loving, then the compensation - the pain is instant as well. And this emotional pain, as we normally deny most of our emotions, will eventually manifest as a physical pain too.
I don't believe we choose the law of compensation, it is automatically working on our soul. We may choose to deny knowing about the nature of our actions or feeling the effects; or we may choose to know about it and to feel the pain.
But the law is working non-the-less. This is more like a passive law, what I mean, it's engaged even if our will is not.

However we do require to choose to engage the higher Law of Repentance and Forgiveness, with our will and desire; and because we are willing and working with God's laws and not against them, this law helps us to heal faster.

This is how I understand it for now.


Re: Engaging the LOC?

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 1:28 am
by Sandra T
Hi Lena

Thank you for the clarification. I just listened to Mary and Jesus' answering this question. ... r%20P1.mp3

OUTLINE: ... tline).pdf

What you have written is correct and consolidates my understanding further. Their explanation has been fantastic and very helpful, and I feel that I am starting to want to know more about these important Laws and how to use them.

What I have called engaging the LOC is incorrect terminology to use (showing my misunderstanding of the LOC), for as you say, it is acting upon us all the time without our will being involved in the matter. I perhaps should have said, the willingness to feel it's effects, as opposed to denying and suppressing them, or as you say "choosing to know about it and feeling the pain."

Jesus called it the awareness of and awakening to the sin, which the LOC is designed to make us feel, through the pain of breaking God's Laws of love.

This is great to know, as I am staring to see the love in this Law, which I have been in denial and rebellion of my whole life.

Now I have a whole heap of questions about engaging the Law of Repentance and Forgiveness.

Thanks Lena


Re: Engaging the LOC?

Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 12:50 pm
by Anna S
Thank you Sandra for asking this question about the Law of Compensation and thank you Jesus and Mary for discussing the law!! It gave me new understanding about how compensation is working in my life. And I suspect that my experience about forgiveness and repentance that I wrote about under the title Forgiveness are a mixture of that and compensation.

But how do I know if my experience is compensation, repentance or forgiveness? Or to put it in other words; How do I know if the uneasy, sad, heavy, painful feeling I am feeling is because I am unwilling to feel what I have done towards others (or myself or others have done towards me) or because I am willing to feel what I have done towards others (or myself or others have done towards me)?

Perhaps I don’t need to know to heal and develop. As long as I surrender to my feelings and feel them - if I have understood the laws correctly - my sin will leave me, slowly with the Law of Compensation and faster with the help of God’s Love.

But I very much would like to know, to be able to distinguish what I am experiencing, to be able to share my experience with others to support, and also to grow towards God.

This is what I have understood so far:
If I break God’s laws, the Law of Compensation immediately cause pain and uneasy feelings in me, and if I choose to ignore these feelings, or comfort them, or distract myself from them, it gets worse!
If I choose not to feel what I attract in my life to highlight my sins, the same happens. And choosing not to feel my attraction is also to break God’s law, so it is actually the same as the first sentence.
If I choose to ask myself and emotionally explore – What have I done to cause this attraction? What have I done to feel so lousy, terrible and bad? – this means that I am willing to feel my sin, what I have wronged. And if I continue to explore – What in me made it possible to act as I did, to break God’s law? - and let myself surrender to and feel all of those feelings, And
How have I hurt others because of this willingness to break God’s law and let myself surrender to and feel all of those feelings (=repentance), And
Why is this willingness to act unlovingly in this situation in me, what has been done towards me to cause this error, and let myself surrender to and feel all of those feelings (= forgiveness), and long for God to help me, to forgive me (=repentance towards God) and for God’s love to come to me, the sin leaves me, and I have truly developed myself and my soul-condition a bit!

I am highly flabbergasted (fun word) how easy it is (for me) to forget all of this when I am deep in despair due to compensation working on me. And how easy it is in that situation to look for the cause outside myself (read my soulmate, sadly enough). It sometimes can take days pondering around in that misery and unloving thoughts before I remember to ask myself What Have I Done Wrong Now!

And when I remember and shift my focus to my soul-condition, changes in my feelings start to happen rather fast.

I realize, writing this, that there is a difference in the quality in the uneasy, sad, heavy, painful feelings from compensation and in the pain and sadness from what I have done and been done towards. To me the compensation feelings feel poisonous, even if I surrender to them and feel them. And I am not feeling any contact with God or Love from God when I am overwhelmed with them. Probably because I am not aware of and feeling my sin yet, so I am blocking God's Love. And in contrast to this, the pain and sadness about what I have done and what have been done towards me feels more clean and sharp and afterwards I feel relieved and softer.

This is my understanding of these laws at this point in my life. I keep on experimenting in faith that God always will proofreading me and correct me. An amazing creation!

With love

Re: Engaging the LOC?

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 3:40 am
by Sandra T
Hello Anna

I have read over your post many times now and it seems like you have answered your own questions. Nonetheless, I have wanted to say hello and nice to meet you.

I am still coming to grips with what Jesus and Mary have given to us in those recordings to my questions. Each time I listen to them, I am discovering new things and new ways of experiencing the information. I am continuing to sin, despite having some realisations about the effects of those sins, and the pain that the LOC is exacting upon me, because of my unwillingness to change.

I am realising that my heavy addictions to power and control, as well as superiority, and the spirits that I engage to help me sin by living in these addictions, are the primary issue for me to work through at this point in time. I am aware of my unwillingness to give these addictions up, and I actually admire the spirits that I am in a co-dependent addictions with, I wish to be like them so much, actually. I do not yet see how and if ever, I will choose to change this, at this point I see very little hope for improvement, despite a continual growth in my realisation of how bad the situation really is, because of this LOC, which I am beginning to appreciate as a gift now.

The only thing that I can say in response to your questions, is that the Deconstructing the Facade and Addictions talks from the Assistance groups, as well as the steps in the homework, help a lot in seeing where I am at. Just the intellectual process is incredibly powerful, as it gives us the opportunity to reflect upon our actions and exposes our addictions, as well as the reasons for why we have them. I find it helpful to use these talks, as a map of where I am at (at the moment on the road to hell). Once again I am so resistive, that I need to watch them a few times to get it, and still haven't got it.

But seriously the recordings you have discussed and the AG material, are so filled with the processes that we need to engage, in recognising our sin and stopping to sin, and therefore to grow, as well as the transition to the Law of Repentance and Forgiveness; that I have no excuse but to keep listening, despite my resistance to actually engaging the information through investigation and experimentation. Many times I want to ask follow up questions or ask for assistance, but I know that unless I follow through with what has already been given, attempt to truly understand it and actually engage it, not just intellectually, but emotionally, I cannot ask for any more.

I am very glad you are finding the material helpful and it is one of the greatest blessings that Jesus and Mary took the time to record so many hours on the subject. I am continually overwhelmed with the gifts and the realisation of what it means to love (despite not actually wanting to love myself, yet), as I listen to and read the endless gifts that they and others are giving to us, especially in taking the time to help us individually.

Anyway Anna, all the best to you.


Re: Engaging the LOC?

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2016 5:31 pm
by Anna S
Hi Sandra!
Thank you for taking the time and effort to read and reflect on my post! I think you are right! I realize I have answered my question when I read my post again. And at the same time I do have this doubtful thought in me - but how can I be sure? I guess that is a sign of my desire of wanting to be in control, which of course shows a lack of faith in Gods Love, Truth and Laws in me. I remember Jesus saying that doubt is an easy feeling for spirits to influence me through - if I remember correctly. So I can use the feeling of doubt as an indicator to start to pray to grow in faith and hope and to explore what feelings I am avoiding when I am living in doubt - if I remember to do that ;)
The feeling of being able to discriminate between the uneasy feelings of the Law of Compensation working on me and the pain and sadness from what I have done and been done towards is new to me, so I guess it is also a matter of trusting the difference and getting more experience.

You write:
I actually admire the spirits that I am in a co-dependent addictions with, I wish to be like them so much, actually
Would you mind me asking you what you are getting from these spirits and what you admire about them?

I find the AG material to be a gold mine of both knowledge and tools to work with myself, and I also hear new things every time I listen to a presentation. :)

It is such an amazing gift to have the possibility to follow the teaching via youtube, and I do feel deeply grateful to Jesus, Mary and Cornelius and also to Igor and Lena and to you all in the audience who asks questions and, as you, are willing to receive feedback from Jesus.

It feels nice to meet you here too ;)

Love to you