Being "Timed Out" Of The Forum When Posting

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Being "Timed Out" Of The Forum When Posting

Post by Nicky » Wed Nov 04, 2015 7:50 pm

Hi guys

I would just like to warn you all about a part of the forum software safety feature which times your account/profile out due to a certain period of inactivity (I believe it's 20 minutes or more).

This is not usually a factor to worry about unless you are writing out a detailed, well constructed post. For instance, when you are writing a lengthy post out or starting a thread, you may want to spend ample time feeling as you are writing, constructing the actual post itself and also proof reading the whole thing before submitting it to the forum, which I feel are all important and loving practices to engage in. Depending on how long you have remained on the page where you are writing your post out, the forum may log you out once you click "submit." If this happens and you log back in, the forum does not keep saved the post you spent ages writing out meaning that you have just lost the entire post you spent valuable time constructing.

Of course, this can really feel like a bitter blow to take if it occurs and both myself and Mary have experienced this therefore I felt it was in everybody's best interests that I make you aware of this issue so that you can potentially avoid this unfortunate circumstance in the future.

There are a number of ways you can circumnavigate this issue. One of which is that you can just highlight your whole post when finished and "copy" it so that if the forum times you out when you click "submit", you can simply log straight back in and "paste" the info back into the comment box. The only thing you'd have to do is to re-write your thread title if your post was to start a new thread off.

The second way is that you can write up your post in a Word document or something similar and simply just copy and paste it over to the forum comment box when you are happy with it.

Hope that helps.



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