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Re: Sincerity in people

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:03 am
by Mary
Hey Nicky - for some reason this message didn't post - I submitted it prior to the last one!

Just sent you through the audio in which I also said I think it would be awesome to talk about some of the emotions going on for Lena, Chad and Reed - excellent learning opportunity for others. Also, I told Lena the same thing about her withdrawing from the forum.

I am happy to help preparing that with either you and/or Lena.

Also, it is totally fine to use my feedback about Reed in the strike thread. You can always do that. And I was going to suggest it anyway if you are still feeling not great. You could probably use most of what I said verbatim.


Re: Sincerity in people

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:05 am
by Lena
Hi Nicky,

Thank you too.

What you suggest makes total sense.

I do feel just how much I do what the attacking spirits want me to do, what my fear tells me to do, so what I said about needing time, I feel now was motivated by it.

This is a big issue, sexual approval, demands and my compliance to it, is very overwhelming for me.
After chatting with Mary, I am going to not chicken out, and will try to stay with a feeling and not endulge the self punishment.

This issue is effecting my life just so much, it would be good to make some changes!

thanks everyone!

Re: Sincerity in people

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:11 am
by Lena
Hi Mary,

I would love that help. Or I happy to just observe if Nicky does it.

Re: Sincerity in people

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:07 am
by Nicky
Hi guys

Amazing, thanks Mary - feel free to send over those emails relating to Reed and Chad if you would like to and have the time to do so.

No worries about not being on the forum much over the last few weeks, that's totally cool with me.

Lena, it is awesome that you have had a re-think and decided to not chicken out :)

How do you guys think would be the best way to go about approaching this? Should a new thread be created in one of the sections of the forum taking examples from both Chad and Reed's threads rather than writing stuff on both threads as I feel it could get pretty messy and confusing that way for people to follow.

Mary, I remember you saying that you were going to write up a response to Chad and post it on his thread. I am wondering whether you are still going to do that and then maybe lock it due to the issues of love in the thread on his end?

I still need to write up two strike threads, one for Reed and one for Chad whilst muting them too but will do that tomorrow as it's 3am here and I really need to get to bed. :roll:

Anyway thanks again guys


Re: Sincerity in people

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:58 am
by Nicky
Hi again

Just a little update from me regarding Pam (as we have mentioned her a bit in this thread). I woke up this morning to messages from my sister showing me screenshots of Facebook.

Pam has found me on there and has decided to private message my mother and other members of my family asking if they know about Divine Truth and my involvement in it whilst sharing my site to them (which I've already told them about and I believe they have already seen it) in a way to set them off and get them to panic (which they will). She mainly talks about how unloving she thinks I'm being by banning her and has invited them to respond back with their thoughts.

This woman is absolutely relentless along with the spirits that are with her! What do you guys reckon is actually going on with her and motivating all of these actions that she has been taking on the forum and now personally towards me?


Re: Sincerity in people

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 10:37 am
by Lena
Omg Nicky!!!

She is relentless indeed!!

I think this lady is crazy, literally.
And I did feel she was a man too, and when all of the truth started to come out about my attraction with men, and then you told me that Hemlick was Pam, I thought to myself, as well that she is over cloaked by some Christian men spirits, or some nasty men spirits who manipulate her emotionaly by giving her some experiences with simingly Christian religion.

Today Mary said she may have seen another person joining the forum similar to Pam, or even Pam herself again. I am going to see if I can check that out.

I think you will be very very interested in hearing the channeling Mary & Jesus did today with one of the spirits who does this kind of nasty stuff totally based on our addictions and allowed by us.

So I would say, that the spirits can see some of your still sensitive issues and are manipulating Pam to hammer you on those issues.

This must be pretty hard for you. I gather you and Perry have been already hammered since your videos, this is probably is somehow related, just trying to shut you down and stop your desire from keep on going with it all.

That's what I thought maybe happening.

Here is the link to who Mary meant:

Re: Sincerity in people

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 12:36 pm
by Eloisa
Hey Guys

It has been a while. We have moved to Queensland - YAY! and I have finally gotten a moment to check out what has been happening.

So sorry you are being so viciously attacked Nicky! Hang in there! from my experience the violence of the attack means you are on the right track because the spirits only attack so violently when they have exhausted all bribes and blackmails. I notice that the attack and violence goes up when we are challenging the addictions and on the right track in regards to God's Way. They want you to fold and will be looking for any way possible to harm you the most in order to get control again. They are being really nasty. This is what it feels like to me when it happens. When they no longer can 'get' anything they might give up somewhat, or just keep attacking where and when they can. I find it challenging to stay feeling and not try and 'get away' in some way.

All my encouragement to keep feeling. I think like Lena mentioned that they are targeting your family (your mum and sister - women by the sounds of it) so there may be some things for you to feel about in regards to this and 'family'. You mentioned that they will panic are you worried about this or feel responsible? Also I feel Pam is quite similar to my step mother pulling in others to agree with them in order to harm you and discredit you, very manipulative and just trying to cause trouble. Very nasty with a very thin façade.

Have you thought of publishing the private correspondence she sends you publically?

It is actually really off because Pam seems convinced she is 'right' and not seeing how terribly harmful she is being and the fact that she is continuously attacking you and thinking you are doing her harm is really off. I wonder if she gets something out of knowing that she can still attack you and others don't know about it, she gets to maintain her façade to herself!

I wondered if Gladimier15 could well be Pam again too - or similar spirits to the ones with Pam influencing someone else. Interesting that the reply is to the post I put up too, wondering what that is about. It will be interesting to see what happens with Mary's post about breaching the terms of the forum.

I agree with Lena, that the spirits are using Pam and maybe Pam is also trying to find all the holes they can in order to attack you personally and destroy the forum and anything to do with divine truth. I think that there are others also being used and we are open to that also through various injuries. As Mary mentioned getting more and more sensitive to abusive people is really important! We are clocking the more obvious ones but not always those who have more façade. I know I have said this before and as you have said Nicky, it will all be exposed. But I have work to do in this area personally.

I don't fully understand it all and must say have issues in similar areas as you describe to heal personally.

Mary thanks for the feedback about the abuse towards Lena and yourself and engaging with abusive people and getting sensitive to this.

Lena thanks for the suggestions of channellings etc

Love to you guys


Re: Sincerity in people

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 2:30 pm
by Nicky
Hi Lena & Eloisa

Thanks for your responses. I agree with what you have stated, in the sense that I do have some sensitivity about the feelings my mum has about Divine Truth (her complete disapproval of it and therefore that same projection towards me etc) and some fear came up when I read my sister's messages so I know that is still a truth of the situation with me currently.

It won't stop me from doing what I am doing though because my heart has already made the decision to follow this a few months is more of just getting me into a potentially sticky situation with my mum which is a great attraction for me as per the reasons i mentioned above regardless of the dark motivations that made Pam and/or the spirits with her decide to take that course of action. Also, for the first time this year I have decided that I won't be home for Christmas with my family due to a number of reasons so no doubt this message my mum received from Pam will trigger her panic and fear even more.

Yep, since our first video was published, I have noticed that a number of really aggressive people were attracted to the forum, attacking Jesus & Mary as well as other forum members. We then had a number of techie issues with getting our second vid uploaded that delayed it for around a week. Pam then returned in her third stint as well as these abusive men came out of the shadows so I reckon there is quite a bit of dark spirit stuff going on at the moment towards Divine Truth (as there pretty much always is, right?), myself, the forum and also a bit towards Perry.

Eloisa, it is awesome that you have made the move...Mary mentioned to me in her latest audio clip that you guys have got a lot of exciting stuff with God's Way of Love that you will be working on so that sounds great!

I have seen the Gladimier post and I agree, its very similar to how Pam goes about things. I ran an IP check and the IP comes from the Philippines so it is not Pam herself but could still be the same kinda spirits that have been overcloaking Pam but acting through another person so it will be interesting to see how they respond to Mary's post.


Re: Sincerity in people

Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 9:58 pm
by Mary
Hi Nicky,

I have edited your strike thread to Reed to take out some of the stuff with Lena. I plan to write a specific thread post addressing addiction generally and mentioning the interactions with Chad, Reed and Lena and a couple of others I have noticed around the forum. Upon reading my comments that you had pasted into the strike post I realised that the message was very open to misinterpretation and I needed to give others a much more thorough description if it was going to be educational. There was also the danger of people thinking that Lena's condition is comparable to Reed's when in fact it is very different.

Hope that makes sense and that that is OK with you.

As I have time over the coming 5 days I will work on that thread (and place it in the Addictions section ) and also on the response to Chad.


p.s. sorry Pam is pulling out the stops to try and make life difficult for you. However I think that this can be a really good experience for you and your Mum and sister to deal with some issues openly. Also, I like Elo's suggestion to make Pam's correspondence public at some time or in some place (don't have a properly formed idea about where that would be most appropriate but I do think it would take the wind out of her sails.... or it may just add to her addiction of getting attention.... perhaps have a feel about it before deciding what to do).


Re: Sincerity in people

Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 10:53 pm
by Nicky
Hi Mary

Yea no worries at all, sorry about that...I kinda screwed up on that one (huge sorry to you Lena for this, I realised afterwards that I should have hung on to wait for Mary's input) - I don't think too many people read it before Mary edited it so hopefully you are OK and don't want to kill me.

Yep, your totally right about that (misinterpretation and people thinking Lena's condition is comparable with Reed's when it is way different).

I will hang off from writing up a strike thread for Chad until you have had time to write a post out Mary, I don't want to screw this one up again as I realised afterwards how sensitive Lena would be about this (as I would have been too if something to do with my sexuality injury was revealed to people and was open to any misinterpretation).

Thanks for the suggestion Mary, my Mum really dislikes talking directly about DT with me. She kinda goes via my sister to me about it which isn't cool.

I read Eloisa's suggestion and I was a bit hesitant for the reason you mentioned Mary. I will have to feel about it - However, I am leaning on the side of publicising some of her private correspondence as I feel that she feels pretty righteous and arrogant about her actions. Maybe by exposing her behaviour in a public setting (for educational reasons) will help her and also allow others to see how abusive people may respond when someone stands up for love and truth to them.